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The New Assistant: Nobody understands The New Assistant: Nobody understands
by Thanos K & Asa B
2008-12-09 09:45:47
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After the laughter in the Great Hall had died down following Matti's performance and hot chocolate grand finale, Mika went off to find his funny feathered friend. It wasn't hard for the worried moose to track down the little magpie, since a pair of creamy footprints led right up to his favourite bird bath. Matti was happily splashing around in the warm soapy water and was singing, quite badly, some of his favourite Christmas songs, but he seemed to be completely unaware of Mika's presence.

santa03"Can you tell me what you were thinking?" said Mika quite loudly. The sudden sound made Matti jump clean out of the birdbath and land on the floor with a soapy splat, "Mika! You shouldn't creep around like that! You made me jump!" shouted the magpie, while shaking off all the bubbles and removing his blue swimming goggles - it was hard for Mika not to start laughing at the sight of his silly friend again. Mika coughed and tried to focus on the earlier actions of the bird, "Matti, I said, 'Can you tell me what you were thinking or if you were actually thinking at all when you gave that little performance in the Great Hall?"'

Matti stopped cleaning out the soap from one of his ears and cocked his head sideways, "What are you talking about, you silly moose? I just said exactly what everybody else is thinking, but nobody is brave enough to do so." Matti began cleaning his other ear. Mika stood staring at his friend unable to answer. "Anyway Mika," continued Matti, "Everybody knows that Mr. Posi is getting old and needs more help; Christmas is busier than ever and it isn't like the old days!" Mika finally found his voice, "What? The old days… what do you know about the old days? You aren't even five years-old! Anyway, it isn't your place to question Mr. Posi's abilities as chief elf!"

The little magpie looked at his friend wondering what was going on. Matti had never seen his friend so angry and he suddenly felt confused and lost. "Mika, what are you talking about?" Mika gave him another angry look, "You really disappointed me today; I don’t know what to say!" Mika turned around and walked out without looking back leaving the little magpie totally lost and nearly in tears. The little bird suddenly felt that he should do something but his legs were still tired from the long walk from the Great Hall to the birdbath, so just sat on the floor unable to think.

"Drink this," said a deep voice making poor Matti jump again, "it will make you feel a bit better." Matti looked up and saw Uuno's big happy face smiling at him and in his hand was a mug of hot chocolate. Matti took the mug and took a sip, the warm chocolate felt so lovely in his belly that he began to feel better almost immediately. "You know, Matti, sometimes I doubt if you understand what you actually say!" said Uuno in a soothing voice.

"Uuno, I didn't do anything wrong, I just think…" but the dwarf held up his hand signalling Matti to stop talking, "Ah-ha! Well, that could be part of the problem: you don't always think. Isn't it enough for you to upset not only your best friend, but also everybody here? It is time you have a really think about your words." The little magpie was ready to say something, but Uuno stopped him again, "Shush little magpie, you’ve done enough for one night. Go now and find your friend and do something about it!"

About what? The little bird could not understand what was going on but he heard what the dwarf said, so he quickly wrapped his red scarf around his neck and ran outside to find his friend. However, the only thing he could see outside was the far away shape of the gates and snow, too much snow! He tried to see through the heavily falling snow and he suddenly saw what he thought was Mika standing by the beautiful gates that protect Santa's Toy Factory, so the little bird began to fight his way through the falling snow. Matti hadn't realised how cold it had become and how deep the snow was underfoot, but it was too late now to return… Matti didn't know which way to walk and the snow kept on falling harder. Finally Matti just collapsed in the snow, shivering and too tired to walk any further, and just before he fell asleep he saw a large snowman laying a blanket over him, "I don't think this was your night Mr. Magpie, but don't worry… Henry will take care of you!"

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