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Michigan Jones: Hit Man: Chapter 9 Michigan Jones: Hit Man: Chapter 9
by Asa Butcher
2008-08-30 09:03:35
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Madame Zee's words echoed continually round my buzzing skull, "Who is this girl, Midge? Who is she?" For the love of god, that's what you were supposed to tell me, Zee, yet now I have this uneasy feeling we are about to descend into the Tenth Level of Hell and enter what can only be described as the devil's nightmare  hell, even demons have demons… what am I talking about? I've gotta cut back on the caffeine!

The rain was easing off from downpour to drizzle, which, turn, had increased the number of people on the streets, including the street venders who were trying to see all kinds of inconceivable crap to unsuspecting pedestrians - most used it as a front to sell other not-so-legal items. Those that could be bothered were weaving through the labyrinth of puddles, while others, such as myself, just strolled straight through - some of us had bigger problems than fucking wet socks.

My arranged rendezvous with Zee was in Zone Reström, a delightful part of town that was renowned for its prostitution. However, it was unlike any other Red Neon Zone because this one was dominated by the higher class of whore that catered to the cream of society's cream… if you get my innuendo. To ensure maximum discretion there was a host of security in place, including an incredibly complex EMP pulse that disables all electronics, including surveillance equipment and personal communication devices. Total fucking privacy.

I first discovered the zone a few years ago on one of my first assignments and it was where I first met Zee - she adopted "Madame Zee" a few years later as a tough business alias for which I teased her relentlessly. I was waiting for a mark to finish his 'business meeting' with some hooker, when Zee walked up to me and asked for a cigarette. "Sorry," I replied, "I don't smoke, but you do!" Zee rolled her eyes, "Is that the best you can do?"

"The best I can do would wear you out," I joked to which she smiled, so I carried on. "Let's see, your legs really do compliment one another beautifully… it will be a shame to part them." She laughed, "Well, don't you have all the lines!" I grinned and immediately replied, "Well, I may have the lines, but you are certainly blessed with all the curves." She laughed and continued down the street, looking back at me just before rounding the corner.

Over the next few weeks I followed the mark back to the zone many times and would often meet Zee while standing in the same spot. I began to make a habit of buying a carton of cigarettes before heading into the zone and eventually I began to smoke them during my conversations with Zee. She began to tell me her life story, which actually helped me pass the time waiting for Lothario behind the curtains, and it was one hell of a story.

Zee had been married to what she called a 'fucking prick with a love for violence'. It turns out that her husband had gambled away their life's savings and they were bankrupt, but Zee didn't learn that until after her husband's death - she never did tell me his name. Her 'fucking prick with a love for violence' had run out of options and was being hunted by too many loan sharks, so he took the coward's way out. He stuck his head in the noose, waited until Zee came home and hung himself in front of her. However, he dropped right in front of her face and her reflex was to punch out. He broke his neck, she broke his fucking nose.

The loan sharks didn't care the husband was dead and were quite happy to detail the debts he had secretly run up that were now the obligation of Zee. Out of options, one of the sharks suggested a career on the street and that's how it all began, although that is only the back story for our professional relationship. Zee and I had been through a great deal since those fateful meetings on A Avenue and it seemed we were about to start all over again.

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