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Michigan Jones: Hit Man: Chapter 15 Michigan Jones: Hit Man: Chapter 15
by Asa Butcher
2008-12-13 09:35:44
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Zee chose to pass the journey to Wan's pad in West Park by staring out of the window in a moody silence, which was fine by me, since I had to negotiate every sordid back street and alleyway in order to stay off whoever's radar was out for our blood. You are probably wondering why I didn't engage the auto-drive and program the GPS unit, but you gotta remember that when you boost a car the full showroom gadgets aren't exactly available…

I looked at my hands and noticed that my left thumb had begun to twitch and that was bad news. It had been way too long since I swallowed my last pill. In fact I don't recollect ever going this long without one, but then it wasn't every day that people were hunting the hunter. "Are you okay?" asked Zee snapping my mind back on to my driving. I nodded and moved the car into a higher gear, "I could do with a vacation; maybe a week on a beach," I joked, managing to finally get a smile to wipe off Zee's permafix pissed expression.

The amount of crap decorating the back streets was easing off and that meant we were moving up in the world. A world in which the garbage is still collected, roads are still swept and some sense of order is maintained - irony abound, since most of the people that could afford to live in West Park were the cause of the city's demise. I had only been in West Park the once - the time I was meant to whack Wan - and part of me was glad that there was a gentleman's agreement between the West Park to engage in 'business' elsewhere.

I parked the car and turned off the engine. "So, how are we going to do this?" asked Zee. I had thought about that myself and the only answer that kept coming was the old-fashioned 'direct approach'. "The front door. We go up to the front door and pray to every deity that it isn't Wan behind this whole thing; the guards will either kill us or invite us inside for breakfast," I said with a little too much confidence and perhaps over did it a bit, but Zee nodded, checked her make-up in the rear-view mirror and climbed out of the car.

Zee isn't a great fan of chemicals in pill form, so I waited until her back was turned before popping a purple and yellow tab under my tongue - a shiver went down my spine. I checked my gun again, made sure there was one bullet in the chamber and joined Zee out on the street. "Feel better?" asked Zee, "You didn't have to do it behind my back, you know." God-damned woman has eyes in the back her head, "I wasn't aware it was a bloody spectator sport… maybe next time I'll sell fucking tickets!" Zee smiled, "Good to see you are back to your old self. Now, let's go and pay a visit to Mr. Wan.

It was a pleasant enough morning for walk and the rain had obviously decided to take a well-deserved lay-in. Wan's mansion was about a mile from where we parked the car, but I wanted a calm controlled approach rather than hitting his front gate in a stolen car before the sun had even finished rising. I say Wan's mansion was a mile away, but what I should say is that his front gate was a mile away because the driveway to the actual front door was another mile on top of that.

Very few people were on the streets and, at times, West Park felt like a well-kept ghost town. We approached the immense gates guarding entry to Wan's impressive Oriental estate and were surprised not to have attracted any attention. We both knew that we had definitely been watched by any number of security personnel on our morning stroll, but they are so good that they are probably the only real ghosts in this apparent ghost town. Zee pressed the buzzer and waited. A minute passed before a disembodied voice burst into life, "Leave your weapon in the red box and make your way to the front door; Mr. Wan welcomes you for coffee."

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