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Michigan Jones: Hit Man: Chapter 14 Michigan Jones: Hit Man: Chapter 14
by Asa Butcher
2008-11-22 09:21:09
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Very few words had been exchanged between Zee and I as we readied ourselves for another day packed full of unexpected and, frankly, unwanted crap. I couldn't speak for Zee, but deep down I felt that a greater, far more violent storm was heading our way, locked on to us like some stubborn shit-seeking missile; I could feel the pressure building behind my eyes. I double-checked my gun, secured my gear and walked out to the deserted street with Zee close behind.

Hnup Wan lived in a sprawling mansion near West Park, on of the more effluent, sorry, affluent parts of the city. The area had its own roving patrols, random security checks, state-of-the-art ID cards and some pretty vicious guard dogs because despite all the hi-tech you could always rely upon old school methods. However, we had to get off Reström, cover 10K before we got near the bloody area first and we still had no idea who the hell wanted to rip the pulse from our bodies.

Naturally Zee knew where an entrance to one of the mythical secret tunnels was located - you wouldn't believe me if I told you where it was - and my gut told me that this would be the easiest part of the day. The tunnel brought us out into the storeroom of some S&M sex convenience store that contained some equipment that even made me wince in imagined pain - fuck, The xTreme Humbler looked like one nasty device to strap on to your nuts… reasonably priced though.

The storeroom had an Access Point that allowed us to surf through the news channels searching for any references to us. We didn't know whether to worried or relieved that there were no official warrants out for our capture and the incident in Milton's Bar had been labelled a murder of passion, although the news channels stated they had no ID on the murdered woman yet and ballistics couldn't trace the bullet that had lodged itself in her skull - that's why I pay premium for the tools of my trade.

If the cops had been searching for us then we would have had at least some clue whom to avoid, but now it could be any fucker in plainclothes. Damn. Zee searched a few more of the underground news networks but found nothing further, although one did state that the woman was the victim of a hit man, an unhinged hit man, but a hit man no less. The rest of this guy's facts were pure fiction, but there was something about it that didn't sit quite right - yeah, right, add it to the growing pile.

"I may be able to get us some transport, Midge," revealed Zee, looking up form the Access panel. I nodded and raised my eyebrows to say "Well, tell me more then" without any words passing my lips. "I know this guy who knows a guy who owes him a favour and… What?!" The expression on my face wasn't one you would find under 'Confident' in the dictionary, perhaps you would find it listed under 'Dubious', "Doesn't sound concrete, Zee! It sounds, well, unsound and a lot of unrequired and undesired hassle."

Zee struck a pose that immediately said, "Well hot-fucking-shot, you do better!" I muttered under my breath, "If you something done right, do it yourself," and walked out of the back door of the storeroom. The door opened onto what looked like the city's dump, but thankfully a few trusting citizens had kindly parked their cars there - probably trying to avoid the parking fees that could bankrupt a small nation. It didn't take long for the door to be opened, security disabled, engine running and Zee to be sat in the passenger seat. I was about to make some arrogant comment about the ease of this solution, but before I could open my mouth she said, "I don't like the colour!" and turned to look out of the window.

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