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Michigan Jones: Hit Man: Chapter 11 Michigan Jones: Hit Man: Chapter 11
by Asa Butcher
2008-09-20 09:31:35
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Zee still had quite a slap on her, although that wasn't a surprise since I had taught her the method myself… karma perhaps. "You still got it, Zee! You still got it!" I said as my hand nursed the glowing side of my jaw, "But I guess I kinda deserved it…" Up close Zee had aged a little around the eyes, but the look in her eyes remained the same as ever; it was a look of pure angry defiance now edged with a hint of revenge. "You're looking good, Zee…"

"I'm looking good!" She hissed, "'I'm looking good' is the best thing you can say after dropping this maelstrom upon me, killing my girls, destroying my business and now I have some bunch of psychos wanting me dead… yeah, I look fucking good." I flinched, Zee never swore, ever, and she hated anybody else cussing round her, else they'd get one of those patented Zee slaps. "What the hell is going on, Midge?" "Look, Zee, I really don't know, but can we first get off the street and go talk? Do you still have your room here?" The edges of Zee's eyes seemed to soften just for a second, "Of course I do. Come on… and thanks I do look good don't I!"

We walked down A Avenue and crossed into 22nd Street, which hadn't changed much since the last time I was there. 22nd Street had been part of the section modelled to resemble a bastardised version of 1950s Americana and nobody had thought to change it with another piece of 1950s technology, namely the nuke. Zee owned a building halfway down 22nd that one of her favourite clients had given her as a present - I really was in the wrong business - and she had used it as her base of operations for many years.

The streets were still empty thanks to the torrential drizzle, but they would soon start to fill as night fell and the prostitutes' legs would open for business. Zee unlocked the front door, scooped up the pile of junk mail and ushered me inside. The smell brought a stream of great memories flooding back, some that I hadn't thought about in years, some I had often thought had never happened since they were too good to be true for a guy like me.

"Are we safe here?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "What do you think, Midge? Yeah, nobody will find us here. The building isn't listed among my official holdings and only a couple of people know that it is mine… we're fine, for the time being." She kicked off her shoes and headed through to what I knew was the kitchen, "Make yourself at home, Midge. You know where the living room is."

I had truly forgotten just how human this place used to make me feel. My job had quickly chipped away at my soul leaving me cold to emotion, but Zee had nursed part of my humanity back in this room with our long chats about nothing and everything - I breathed in the air through my nose, held it as long as possible in my lungs and exhaled. It was a surreal moment.

The resident EMG pulse had forced the island's population to look for alternatives to ViewScreens and other electronics, and one solution had been simple battery-operated products slightly configured to operate under the pulse's wavelength or something like that - I wasn't a physicist, just a consumer. The island had its own pirate radio station operating on any number of frequencies, so I searched it out on Zee's antiquated radio, just like something out of the 1950s, and found the station, Radio Reström no less!

Who could resist a radio station that plays soundtracks from porn films from the past few decades? It was a niche market that had certainly found its place on Reström and was already gaining popularity outside of the island, although the broadcasting range was short due to a lack of electrical juice. The radio happily pumped out sax music from some porn flick released in the 1970s and Zee carried in two shot glasses and a bottle of whisky, "I think we need this," she said finally smiling at me. I smiled back, "I think we may actually need a second bottle before I reach the end of this story."

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AP2008-09-20 18:12:02
This is getting interesting. Mystery is in the air...

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