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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 9 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 9
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-24 09:46:51
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The sound was louder than all of the others and every elf was pointing in a different direction as to the location of the sound. Mr. Seemi told everybody to stay where they were and to wait, but be prepared for anything. Santa, Harry, Henry and Mr. Seemi stood in a circle and tried to think of a way to discover who was causing all the trouble in the forest. "I don't think that a whole goblin army could be that quiet, so it is unlikely to be that, but there could be one or two which could be dangerous," suggested Mr. Seemi, "I think that a group of forest elves led by Harry could force whatever is in there out here." Everybody agreed with his plan.

snow09_400While Mr. Seemi organised all the forest elves and told them the plan, Henry stood beside Harry still feeling sad, "Harry, we must catch him or the elves will never finish the Christmas preparations. This is a very strange and cunning intruder, and it has made me lose my precious hat. I feel so stupid for falling down that slope." Harry looked at his hatless friend, "Don't worry, Henry! Everything will be okay in the end… I have a feeling!" Henry smiled for the first time since losing his hat and went to join the group of forest elves.

"Right, Mr. Seemi, let’s see how many forest elves you have," said Harry. A forest elf stepped forward, "Excuse me, but I am Elgin, the head forest elf, and I can report that there are 150 men in my group. We are all very familiar with this wood and have had lots of practice fighting goblins, well… not real goblins but we are prepared!" Harry shook Elgin's little hand and explained the plan once again.

"We will enter the forest near to where Henry came out and then move in a single line through to the other side, so we should be able to catch the intruder from escaping," explained Harry, "Are there any questions?" One of the forest elves raised his hand, "Mr. Harry, what should we do if we meet a goblin?" "Do you remember all of your training?" asked Harry and the forest elf nodded, "You do exactly what you were trained to do and everything will be fine."

The group walked in a single line into the forest with Harry at one end, Fred in the middle, Henry at the other end and the 150 forest elves in between. The line moved silently through the forest until they were in position and then they lit their lanterns and began shouting and whistling to scare the intruder towards the group of elves waiting at the gate of Santa's Toy Factory. The line steadily moved through the forest leaving very no space or shadow for any goblin to hide, until they had almost completed the job.

There was a rustle behind one of the large snow-covered bushes and the forest elves moved quickly to surround the moving bush. Once there was no escape, Harry approached the bush holding his lantern up high to see just what was hiding there and when he finally discovered the cause for all the troubles he was about to laugh, but then he saw something else.

"We got …him!" shouted Elgin, the head forest elf, to everybody back at the gate. Santa, Mr. Seemi and a group of the braver elves walked into the forest to see what had been caught in the forest elf trap, but they were not expecting to see Harry holding an old moose wearing a very familiar hat and they were certainly not expecting to see an injured goblin sat on its back.

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