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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 8 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 8
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-23 09:33:28
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Life at Santa's Toy Factory was returning to normal, although normal in the last few days before Christmas was extremely busy with elves running in two directions at once and nobody getting any sleep, except the reindeer, of course. Santa was checking the list of children and, yes, he was checking it twice to ensure everybody received the correct gift. Harry and Henry had returned to guard the gate - after a couple of mugs of cocoa and a few freshly-baked cookies - and it was now hard to imagine that there had ever been the chance of a goblin attack.

snow08_400Even though everybody had relaxed about the goblins, Harry was still concerned that they could still attack and surprise them easily, so he had volunteered to remain always on guard. Henry decided to keep his friend company and also felt that something could still happen, although now he was excited rather than scared. "What makes you think that the goblins are still out there, Harry?" asked Henry. Harry straightened his hat and tightened his scarf, "I just have this feeling, Henry. Goblins are so cunning and are experts at trickery that I can't help thinking that…" The unmistakable sound of a twig suddenly breaking silenced Harry.

The two snowmen looked at one another and Henry went to ring the alarm, but Harry shook his head. They just stood waiting for the second sound to come and to their surprise it did. The silence of the night carried the sound of second snapping twig all the way to the gate from the forest and even the noise from inside the factory couldn’t cover what they heard. Harry pointed at Henry to enter the forest, which Henry immediately did. Harry watched Henry creep into the forest hoping he would scare the intruder out into the open, but nothing happened.

Harry was about to join Henry in the forest when he heard the young snowman shout, "Arghhh!" Harry rang the alarm bell and ran to the edge of the forest to help his friend, but he was nowhere to be seen. Henry had just …disappeared! It was a very cold December night with snow falling heavily and there was no way for Harry to see where his friend may have gone. Behind him at the gate more and more elves were appearing, each holding a hard candy cane as a weapon to attack the expected goblins, but they couldn't see anything.

For a moment the wind stopped and there was no movement anywhere. "What's going on?" shouted a nervous Mr. Seemi, who was now holding a large candy cane instead of his usual clipboard. "We heard a twig break and then we heard a second twig break, so Henry went into the forest to scare out the intruder, but then he shouted something and disappeared," said Harry trying to hide the worry in his voice. "I didn’t see anything; it was too dark," said Harry feeling really worried for his missing friend.

"Okay," said Mr. Seemi, "Let's consider that there is something out there and Henry found it, so we must be careful. Reevi, go and tell Santa about the situation; Johan, go and check on the reindeer and stay there; Remi, go and check the warehouse and sleigh; everybody else just stay prepared." The three elves rushed off to carry out their orders and the remaining elves stood motionless expecting the worst, which would be an army of goblins jumping from behind the snow hill in the forest.

"What's that over there?" yelled one of the elves. Everybody looked at where he was pointing with his candy cane and as the top of Henry's head appeared over the snow hill everybody began cheering. Harry rushed over to his friend, "Henry! Are you okay? We thought something terrible had happened!" Henry looked at everybody standing at the gate and felt embarrassed, "It's okay, errr, I didn't see any goblins in the forest." The elves all relaxed again, but Mr. Seemi wanted more answers, "But Henry, Harry said he heard you shout. What happened?" Henry looked at his feet and, for the first time in his life, blushed, "I fell down one of the steep snow hills in the dark and couldn't get back up, and then something terrible happened… I lost my hat."

Henry looked so sad and embarrassed that everybody forgave the young snowman for his accident and the scare of the ringing the alarm. “Ho! Ho! Ho!" rang out a familiar voice, "So what's going on here? Are the goblins attacking or not, Mr. Seemi?" Santa had suddenly appeared from nowhere and it made everybody jump, including the chief elf, "No, Santa. Hello, Santa. Err, the snowmen heard a noise in the forest and went to investigate, but one got lost and the alarm was rung, but everything is okay now, and…" However, before Mr. Seemi could finish his explanation another twig snapped in the forest and this time everybody heard it.

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