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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 7 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 7
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-22 10:17:20
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At first Harry and Henry didn't recognize the distant sparkling lights of Santa's Toy Factory, they thought the beautiful twinkling lights were stars in the clear sky, but once the smell of freshly-baked cookies had filled the air they knew instantly they were nearly home. "Mmmm, there's nothing better than the smell of fresh cookies," said Henry licking his lips. "I don't know about that, Henry. I think there is something better than the smell of cookies and that is the taste! It won't be long now until we are back inside the gates with a cookie and cocoa in each hand; I think we have earned it tonight!" joked Harry.

snow07_400"Stop! Who is there? Identify yourself or I'll ring the alarm!" suddenly yelled a nervous voice. Harry and Henry stopped walking at the sound of the voice, "It's Harry and Henry," replied Harry, "There's no need to ring the alarm, Freddy… that is you, isn't it Fred?" While Harry and Henry had been away on their goblin hunt, Freddy, another snowman Henry's age, had been guarding the gate. "Harry! Thank goodness it is you! My hand was on the alarm ready to start ringing… I thought the goblins were finally attacking. Did you find them, Harry? You've been gone for so long we were getting worried!"

Harry and Henry were standing outside the gate. They were happy to be back at home, but they realized that everybody was still very nervous about the chance of a goblin attack. "Calm down, Fred," said Harry, "Please can you tell Mr. Seemi that we have returned with some news." Freddy wanted to ask whether it was good or bad news, but he remembered what his dad used to say, 'Good news can wait and bad news never goes away.' He opened the gate and ran off to find Mr. Seemi in the warehouse.

It seems that while Freddy was looking for Mr. Seemi he told everybody he passed that the two snowmen had returned, so it wasn't long before there was a small crowd at the gate. Remi was the first elf to arrive at the gate, with Teevis, Johan, Uuno and Rom just behind him. Everybody was asking Harry and Henry about what they had seen, but neither snowman said anything. The small crowd of elves fell silent as Mr. Seemi approached the gate with Reevi, his assistant, and Freddy. The gate opened and they walked through to join the two snowmen.

"Welcome back!" said Mr. Seemi, "You were gone for a little bit too long for my nerves to take, but before we get down to business… would you like something to eat and drink?" Henry was about to say 'yes please, I thought you'd never ask!', but Harry spoke first, "Later, Mr. Seemi. I think this is more important. We followed the goblin tracks for a long way, a very long way, and we didn't see or hear anything on the whole journey. There were no signs of any other goblin tracks or other activity."

Mr. Seemi nodded and made notes on his clipboard as Harry spoke, "Harry, why did you stop following the tracks? What happened?" "We followed the tracks to their very end, but there was no goblin only…" Harry paused for a moment to look at Henry, who was trying not to smile, "ummm, there were only moose tracks." The pencil with which Mr. Seemi was writing snapped on the clipboard at this news, "Moose tracks… hmmmm, can I ask how many moose tracks?" Harry reassured Mr. Seemi that they had only seen one set of prints and then said, "Once the goblin tracks ended we returned home, since I guessed you didn't want us to follow the moose tracks."

Reevi quickly gave Mr. Seemi a freshly sharpened pencil, so more notes could be made on the clipboard, "Thank you, Harry. You were quite right not to follow those… those tracks any further. However, out of curiosity, which way were the tracks heading? Were they coming in our direction?" Harry told the worried chief elf that the tracks were not heading towards Santa's Toy Factory and they had not seen any more moose tracks on the way home, which made Mr. Seemi smile for the first time all day - he even gave Reevi a hug!

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