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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 6 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 6
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-19 08:52:49
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"The night the goblins attacked was a very long time ago," began Harry. "I think Mr. Seemi had only just begun working at Santa's Toy Factory and even Santa was thin; this was before the elves discovered their delicious recipe for chocolate biscuits. There had never been any attack before so nobody was expecting anything, plus this was before we had the gate we now guard. Actually, the gate was made very soon after the attack and snowmen were asked specially by Santa to be the Gatekeepers due to the goblins being scared of us."

snow06_400"It was a cold dark night a few days before Christmas Eve and everybody was working really hard in the workshop. Santa was telling jokes and singing songs to keep all the tired elves happy, and the atmosphere was just as you would expect: joyful. One of the elves rushed into the workshop to tell Santa that three of the reindeer were feeling sick and they needed his help in the stables - it was later revealed that goblins had poisoned the reindeer food in order to get Santa out of the workshop," Harry recalled sadly.

"Once Santa was out of the way, the goblins began to creep in through one of the back doors of the workshop and began hiding in all the dark corners waiting for the signal to attack… Are you sure you want to hear this story, Henry?" The young snowman nodded, so Harry continued, "The goblin signal was horrible sound, like fingernails scratching a blackboard mixed with a dentist's drill; it was awful, but the sound of hundred of screaming angry goblins was far worse. Nobody knows just how many goblins had managed to hide in the warehouse, but it was more than enough for the tired elves."

"Nobody knew how they did it, nobody saw them entering but from one minute to the other the hall was filled with goblins hitting, scratching, kicking and biting everything and everyone. The elves were simply toymakers, exhausted toymakers, who didn't know how to fight back or what to do - the only elf to stay calm was Mr.Seemi. He managed to escape through a window after fighting a couple of goblins and he rushed off to find Santa caring for the sick reindeer in the stable."

"Thousands of toys were thrown on the floor and the beautiful wrapping paper was ripped to shreds, and all the poor elves could do was to watch their work destroyed and try to defend themselves from the sharp goblin claws. The angry ugly goblins easily pushed and pulled the small elves and threw almost every single toy on the floor, but before they could reach the toys in the sleigh loading area Santa appeared. He was numb with shock and anger, as he saw what was happening to the toys for the children of the world destroyed by these nasty creatures."

"Santa raised both hands into the air and bellowed loudly, "STOP! STOP! STOP!" A strange wave passed over the room immobilizing both goblin and elf. Santa clicked the fingers of his right-hand and a strong wind blew all the goblins into one corner, “What have you done? Do you know what you have done?” It was the first time that anybody had ever seen or heard Santa angry and it was enough to see his red eyes to understand that he was ready to throw thunder at his uninvited visitors. Santa knelt down to pick up a wooden sailing ship with its mast snapped; he stood up and placed the boat on a work bench, "What have you done?" Santa said again, but this time there was sadness in his voice."

"What happened next, Harry?" asked a shocked Henry. Harry sighed, "Santa released the goblins from his magic and the goblins began to leave very quickly fearing Santa would do more to them. Just before the last goblin left the warehouse, it turned around and looked at Santa, "Hate kids, hate toys, hate good!” The sound of his voice was as ugly as his face and his words were hollow and alien, as though they were coming from a very old machine. After its evil words, the goblin vanished through the door and we never heard from them again, until recently," concluded Harry.

"But then what happened, Harry? Did the goblins destroy Christmas? Were the toys saved? What about the reindeer?" Harry laughed, "Calm down, Henry! Haven't you heard enough Christmas stories to know that nobody can ever destroy Christmas? The warehouse was full of broken toys, broken tools and machinery, the elves were injured and there was little hope in the room that they could fix everything in such a short time. Mr. Seemi took charge and soon discovered that most of the toys could be fixed with the help of the friendly gnomes, but the wrapping paper was ruined and to re-wrap was impossible."

"Mr. Seemi was staring at the ground trying to think of a solution when he happened to look at his colourful socks. He ordered every elf to remove their socks and to collect every sock they could find, and then they were ordered to put every toy inside one of the socks, so when the children woke up on Christmas morning they found a tiny sock with a toy on their bed. Every year since children have left out the sock on Christmas Eve and Santa leaves the toy inside. As for the reindeer, they soon recovered and Christmas was saved - thanks to Mr. Seemi, who became Chief Elf the following year. So, Henry, that's what happened the night the goblins attacked."

"Wow!" said Henry.

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