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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 5 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 5
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-16 09:46:55
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"Ha! We were worried all this time about a goblin when it was just a moose walking in the woods! I feel so silly for being so scared! Shall we head back home to tell everybody the good news? Hey, Harry, I said, 'shall we head back home now?'" Harry still didn't answer the question, in fact he looked as though his mind was somewhere else entirely, "HARRY! WAKE UP!" shouted Henry, which made the old snowman jump, "Shhh, Henry! Just because we found a moose print doesn't mean there wasn't a goblin also out here, plus he may have friends… lots of friends with him."

snow05_400A light wind began blowing through the forest and it was moving the branches of the trees, which seemed to bring the shadow to life. Henry felt the forest shrinking around him and he imagined hundreds of eyes all watching him from the darkness, "Errr, Harry, perhaps we should head home and tell Mr. Seemi the good and the bad news. I am beginning to feel uneasy here, aren't you?" Harry put a reassuring hand on Henry's shoulder and smiled, "It's a state of mind, Henry. If you think about being scared, well you will be scared. Think about something else; tell me about the day you were born."

The young snowman decided to trust Harry's advice, so he cast his mind back to last year in the playground. "It feels so long ago, Harry, but there are some moments of that day that feel as if they happened only yesterday. I remember… oh, I was so handsome, so tall and so round, but not too round! The boys were so careful to choose the brightest black rocks for my eyes, the longest and orangest carrot for my nose and they found a great hat from the lost and found box! You have to admit that I have the best hat a snowman ever wore!” Both snowmen laughed out loud with this last comment. "It was a good day, Harry. Hey, it worked! I am feeling much better," laughed Henry.

During Henry's story the two snowmen had begun following the long trail back to Santa's Toy Factory to tell everybody the news. "Harry, why do goblins hate Santa and the elves?" quietly asked Henry." Harry stopped walking, "Nobody is really sure, Henry, but it seems they just hate everything good and nice, especially Christmas. They hate chocolate, presents, songs, hugging, cocoa, jokes and, well, everything that makes people smile and laugh."

"Harry, you said that the goblins wouldn't attack us and that we were safe from them, why? Why are the goblins afraid of us?" asked Henry. "The simple answer," replied Harry, "is love. We were built by loving caring hands and the goblins are scared of that. However, we could be wrong and they just hate carrot!" Henry started laughing; he was laughing harder and louder than either snowman though possible and he had to sit down to recover, "I wonder why snowmen always get a carrot for a nose, instead of a potato, orange or cherry," wondered Henry, while trying to catch his breath. "It's simple, Henry. The reason we have carrots for noses is so we can see in the dark better. Carrots do that, you know!"

There was still a long way to go before they could see the lights of Santa's Toy Factory and the snow falling from the trees even slowed snowmen down, so they kept talking and laughing, sharing stories and jokes, telling the other what they wanted for Christmas and how many chocolate biscuits they would each have. Henry secretly didn't want them to get home too quickly so he could enjoy this time with Harry for longer, but he knew they'd get there soon. There had been a few minutes of silence as the snowmen climbed over an icy hill, but once over Henry couldn't help ask, "So, what happened that night when the goblins attacked?"

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