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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 4 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 4
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-14 09:06:24
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"How bored are you now?" whispered Harry to Henry as they quietly glided over the snow following the set of goblin tracks still clear on the ground. Henry looked over his shoulder back at the way they had already gone, "Harry, I can't see the lights of Santa's Toy Factory anymore; I hope you can remember the way back home. I'd hate to get lost out here in the dark with goblins supposedly lurking behind every tree… do they like snowmen?" Harry smiled to himself and stopped walking, "Don't worry, Henry! Goblins won't attack us and as for getting home, well I think it that way, or maybe it was that way…hmmm! I'm joking - I have left a trail for us to follow."

snow04_400Henry didn't like it when Harry made his jokes, especially when it involved being in the middle of a dark forest, "I wish we were back inside Santa's Toy Factory. I bet they are eating chocolate cake and drinking hot cocoa right now, while we are here." Harry shook his head, "Henry, you have no idea what you are talking about. You know that for the last two months they have been too busy for a chocolate cake break. Do you know how many toys they have to prepare? Do you know how many packages they have to get ready, each with red, green and orange ribbons? They won't rest until Santa has delivered all the presents around the world.”

The young snowman felt a bit embarrassed after his complaint about the partying elves, since he knew that they wouldn't be dancing, singing, eating and drinking, not only because they were too busy, but the fear of a goblin attack had worried them all too much. Henry felt a little better knowing that at least he was doing something about the threat, instead of waiting for news from somebody else. This was his first Christmas at Santa's Toy Factory and he wanted to prove how useful he could be, especially to Santa, but even more so to Harry.

Henry was now walking behind Harry because the forest was becoming too dense with branches and bushes for them to walk beside one another. Walking in Harry's shadow made Henry feel a little safer, almost like a child walking with a parent, and sometimes Henry thought of Harry as the father he had never had - well, no snowman has a mum or dad because they are usually built by human children. The two snowmen moved deeper into the forest where the silence seemed to shout into their ears and the darkness wrapped itself around them like a cloak.

"We'll stop here for a while and see if anything moves," Harry said suddenly. The snowmen sat on the ground and began staring into the black straining their eyes to see the tiniest movement. "I wonder if this goblin story will become as famous as last year's Christmas when that Matti the Moose saved the day," whispered Henry. "It was Mika the Moose and Matti the Magpie," corrected Harry, "And I hope that it isn't as exciting otherwise Mr. Seemi the chief elf will be unbearable with his nerves." Henry was confused, "Didn't Mr. Seemi like the moose and magpie?" Harry tried not to laugh at the question, "Yes he liked them, but for months afterwards Santa's Toy Factory was filled with more and more moose and magpies searching for chocolate biscuits and fresh vegetables. Mr. Seemi has enough problems with the demanding reindeer, let alone moose and magpies!"

The forest hadn't moved at all. There was no wind, no breeze and not even snow was falling from the branches of the trees. Nothing was moving. Harry decided to follow the tracks a little further, but told Henry to remain where he was until he returned. The goblins tracks were becoming fainter and harder to see, so Harry was crawling on the ground to see them the best he could. He was about to give up and return to Henry when he saw a different type of track covering the goblin's prints and this time he did laugh out loud. When Henry heard the sound he didn't know it was Harry laughing, but thought his friend was in trouble so he raced forward to where Harry was standing.

"What's the matter, Harry? What are you looking at?" Henry said quickly while trying to calm down. "Well, Henry," began Harry, "Mr. Seemi will be happy that there is no sign of any goblin army ready to attack, but he may wish there actually was when I tell him what I have found." Henry looked down on the ground and smiled when he saw the unmistakable imprint of a moose's hoof.

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