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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 3 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 3
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-10 08:52:10
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Life as a Gatekeeper at Santa's Toy Factory was usually lonely, especially during the two months before Christmas when every elf was hard at work making toys and wrapping them, but this was about to change in the next few moments. Harry had ordered Henry to ring the alarm following the discovery of the goblin's footprints in the nearby forest. However, the alarm had not been rung in many, many years and very few of the elves knew what it meant, so it took some time before anybody reacted.

snow03_400One moment Harry and Henry were stood in the dark alone and the next they were surrounded by little lanterns held by confused elves whispering to each other. The whispering immediately stopped when an old elf came rushing through the crowd pushing some elves out of the way with the small clipboard he was carrying. “What’s going on here? Why did you start ringing the bell? Harry, I expect some answers very quickly,” shouted an irritated Mr. Seemi, while pointing one of his many pens at the two snowmen.

Among all of the elves, Mr. Seemi was the busiest elf at this time of year because he is the chief elf and it is his responsibility to ensure all the toys are well-made and wrapped correctly, so he was not very patient, "You interrupted the start of loading Santa's sleigh, which is requires a great deal of concentration and ringing alarm bells does not help!" Henry was about to start explaining what had happened, but Harry put a hand upon his shoulder and spoke first, "Mr. Seemi, we have reason to suspect that a goblin was spying on us, so we rang the alarm because we know you are the best at identifying footprints."

Mr. Seemi's cheeks, already red from the cold, appeared to become redder as the chief elf blushed from Harry's praise, "I see, Harry. You were quite right to ring the alarm. Would you please show me these footprints, but you must have been wrong about goblins because they haven't bothered us for years. Henry was amazed at how quickly Harry had calmed Mr. Seemi and even received praise for his actions; maybe the old snowman did have a few more tricks up his frosty sleeve.

As the elves nervously returned to work everybody work, the word 'goblin' echoed in their ears and they each wondered what would happen next. Mr. Seemi was right - he was always right - that goblins hadn't caused the elves any trouble for almost 100 Christmases, so what had made them return now just a short time before Santa was due to take off in his sleigh. Everybody was so nervous that nobody was singing or even stopped for a Hugging Break, and each elf tried to reassure the other that it probably wasn't a goblin, yeah, it was just a fox or a wolf… not a goblin.

Outside the gate Henry and a few remaining elves were watching Harry and Mr. Seemi silently creep into the forest to the tree that had been the goblin's hiding place. Together they walked without saying a word and when they reached the spot Harry just pointed and Mr. Seemi gasped, "You were right, Harry. I wish you weren't, but it was a single goblin and from these tracks it is obvious to me that he had been here for long time checking all the small snow hills and trees."

Harry couldn't believe the goblin had watched them for so long without being spotted, but it was dark and had been snowing heavily for a few days, but he still felt responsible for failing to see the goblin spy, "What happens now, Mr. Seemi?" The chief elf stroked his beard and tapped his pen against the side of his nose, "I'm not too sure, but it would be a good idea to follow the goblin's tracks and see if we can find any more information before reporting this to Santa. I want you and Henry to see where the goblin went and then come back… can you do this for me?" Harry didn't answer, but Mr. Seemi knew that the answer was yes.

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