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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 2 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 2
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-05 09:52:55
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“Who’s there?” bellowed Harry's deep voice, but no answer came. Once again Harry shouted into the still dark night, but his words just echoed among the trees and vanished. Henry was nervous and he was grateful to be standing beside Harry, who didn't seem to be worried at all – Harry had enough courage and confidence for them both. Harry took a step towards the forest, “Present yourself to the guardians of Santa’s gate!” he yelled once again, but there was no sound, nothing at all!

snow02_400“What do you think it is, Harry?” whispered Henry, but his friend didn't know. “I have no idea, lad, but, whatever it is, I have the feeling it will put an end to your boredom.” Harry didn't usually make jokes and it took Henry sometime to understand, but it did make him feel a little easier. They were both sure that someone or something was watching them, but the heavy snow and darkness was only helping the spy in the forest remain hidden. Harry checked the lights behind him in Santa’s Toy Factory and everything there looked normal.

The two snowmen stared into the blackness of the forest, but nothing seemed to be moving. "What's that?!" exclaimed Henry, while pointing at a fallen tree. Harry smiled, "Don't worry! It's just your mind turning shapes into objects that aren't really there, but I think we should go into the forest and take a closer look." Henry was glad he was a snowman otherwise he would have been sweating from the nerves and his hands were already wet, "Shouldn't one of us stay by the gate, Harry?"

Harry turned back to look at Henry, "You're right, but wait a few more minutes before ringing the alarm; we don't want to scare everybody for no reason, plus…" Before Harry could finish his sentence, they suddenly heard the distinct sound of a twig snapping in the forest turning Henry's face even whiter with fear. If it hadn't been for the full moon moving out from behind a cloud at that moment, they both would have missed the strangely-shaped shadow running from behind a snow-covered bush to hide behind a tree.

The strange shape didn't seem to realise it had been spotted, so the snowmen began to silently move towards the tree. Harry and Henry slid silently over the snow until they were within a few metres of the shadow's hiding place. Without making a sound Harry pointed at Henry and then to the opposite side of the tree, which Henry immediately understood. They were going to try and trap this shadow, but they only had one chance to succeed.

They were almost within a metre of the tree when a blinding flash stunned them both and their ears were filled with a cold laugh devoid of any humour. Once Harry and Henry had recovered their eyesight all they saw was the shadow vanishing into the darkness of the forest and silence returned. Henry's fear was replaced by anger and he began to chase the shadow, but Harry called him back, "Let it go, Henry. You'll never catch it now." Henry stopped running and returned to where Harry was standing, "What have you found?" In the snow behind the tree were funny little footprints that could mean only one thing… goblins.

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