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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 10 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 10
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-25 09:46:53
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"A MOOSE AND A GOBLIN!" shouted Mr. Seemi, "A moose and a goblin! How can my life get any worse than that? Is this a nightmare? Please, somebody pinch me! Oww! Oh no, it isn't a dream!" Santa placed his hand on Mr. Seemi's back, "It's okay, Mr. Seemi. Don't worry, they look harmless. Excuse me, Mr. Moose, but what is your name?" The moose was stood chewing the food given to him by Harry, but he didn't answer, "Mr. Moose," repeated Santa, "What is your name?" Again the moose didn't answer, which began to annoy Mr. Seemi even more, so the chief elf shouted, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME, MOOSE?"

snow10_400The moose looked up, squinted his eyes and said, "Oh, hello! I didn't see you there. My eyesight isn't very good. My name is Monty. What's your name? Oh, you'll have to speak up because I am also a bit deaf." Mr. Seemi's mouth dropped open and he didn't know what to say, so Santa moved closer to the old moose's ear and said, "Hello, Monty! It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Santa Claus." The moose shook his head, “Santa? Is that you Santa? Well, how about that!” Even Mr. Seemi smiled at the response of the old moose.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Monty, may I ask why you have an injured goblin on your back?" The moose looked over its shoulder at its back, "Oh, you're right, there is a goblin on my back… now where did he come from? Oh yes, I remember now, I found him asleep in the snow and picked him up, just like this rather nice hat. Do you like it?" Henry, who had been watching the whole scene, was about to say that the hat belonged to him, but he saw how much the moose liked it and decided to let him keep it, "Monty," said Henry, "The hat looks really good on you!" Two of the elves carefully lifted the injured goblin off Monty's back and carried him in the Toy Factory, although Fred went with them to keep guard.

"Follow us and we'll take you somewhere warm. Here, drink some of my cocoa to warm you up and then you can tell us all what brought you here!" said Santa. The old moose sipped a couple of times from Santa’s mug, "Mmm, that's delicious! Mika was right! Well, all year I have been hearing the story about Mika Moose from all of my friends, each of whom has visited here. Well, I thought if I am the only one who hasn't been to Santa's Toy Factory the it was about time to go." Mr. Seemi's ears stood to attention, "Excuse me, Monty. Did you say you are the last moose that will come here?" Monty nodded and Mr. Seemi performed a little dance.

"It was quite hard getting here," continued Monty, "It is hard enough having bad eyes at home, let alone going on a long journey. I kept getting lost. It wasn't until I found the sweet little goblin that I found my way here, although he didn't have enough strength to stay awake all the way. It wasn't until I smelt the freshly-baked cookies that I found the right way again." Mr. Seemi was about to ask what was 'sweet' about the goblin, but he was interrupted by Mr. Torn, "Santa, the goblin is feeling much better and he has asked to speak to you."

Once the gates were closed and everybody was back inside, Santa and Mr. Seemi went with Monty to visit the recovering goblin and see what he wanted. Harry also went into the room to make sure the goblin wouldn't do something nasty and naughty, but something told Harry that this wouldn't happen. "Hello," said Santa as he approached the goblin sitting in bed, "How are you feeling?" The goblin looked very small and very scared, and he didn't say anything. "You have no reason to be scared. You are safe here. Why were you hiding in the forest outside my gate?" asked Santa. The goblin whispered something, but Santa couldn't hear him, so the goblin repeated his words louder, "Love kids, love toys, love good!"

Santa was surprised, but not as much as Mr. Seemi, who was also very suspicious, "You still didn't answer Santa's question: Why were you hiding in the forest outside the gate?" The little goblin played nervously with his bedcover, "Want be elf. Goblins make me leave. No home. Love kids. Love toys. Love good! Me stay. Home here. Promise good." Mr. Seemi and Santa looked at one another not knowing what to say to the little goblin, and then Santa said, "We have a deal with the goblins and you should know that however bad they are they always keep their word when they have given it to me. After all, even goblins like to have Christmas presents!" Santa winked at the goblin, told him to get better quickly and went off to prepare his sleigh for departure.

Harry took Monty to the reindeer's empty barn and told him that he could sleep here and recover form his long journey, "When you wake up all the reindeer will be back from their present delivering and will keep you company! Good night, Monty!" The old moose smiled at Harry and said, "Pardon? What did you say?" Harry laughed, "I said 'GOOD NIGHT!" However, the moose was already asleep. As Harry walked back to the gate he passed all the partying elves, each of whom was singing, dancing, eating or drinking - they had finished another year's hard work.

When Harry arrived back at the gate Henry was standing alone wearing a new hat he had found in the Lost and Found box. Harry was about to call out to his friend, but he decided to have some fun first. He collected a large snowball in his hand and then shouted, "Hey, carrot nose! Catch!" Harry threw the large snowball and it knocked off Henry's new hat. "Very funny, Harry," laughed Henry, while brushing the snow from his hat, "Do you like it? I think it makes me look older. What do you think?" Harry looked at his friend and nodded, "I don't know… I think you are still missing something." Henry looked confused, "What am I missing, Harry?" Harry threw his arms around his friend and said, "A hug!"

Merry Christmas!

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-25 13:15:38
Indeed, a hug, even a virtual one, would melt any frosty chill.

Perhaps Christmas is God's hug. Perhaps from the beginning there are other intelligent spirits of some kind besides our own, or the pre-human scene looks like "the theater of the absurd," with a full-fledged musical drama dramatically portrayed on the stage, but no one in the audience: a meaningless event.

Perhaps God's Universe is a beautiful book that remains to be read, or perhaps a great poem for in the beginning was the Word and that Word incarnates itself within time and space and illuminates the darkness. Merry Christmas!

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