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A Frosty Chill: Chapter 1 A Frosty Chill: Chapter 1
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-03 09:36:38
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Splat! “Oi, stop doing that!" yelled the irritated voice. Ker-splat! "I'm warning you… if you throw one more then… then…" but the threat was silenced by a third perfectly-made snowball that hit Harry in the face, almost knocking his carrot nose clean off his face. The old snowman checked his nose was in the right place and then turned his attention back towards the sound of the mocking laughter coming from his attacker, which was beginning to really irritate him. In a blur of movement Harry moved left, then right, and left again throwing snowball after snowball at the target until he heard a desperate voice shout, "Stop! I'm sorry, Harry! Please stop!"

Harry glided over the snow to where his attacker lay covered in countless snowballs, although it was hard to tell where the snowballs began and the attacker ended because he was another snowman. "Wow, Harry! How did you learn to throw snowballs like that?" asked Henry, who had begun searching for his own nose knocked off in the battle. "I have never seen anything like that and I never expected it from an old snowman like you!" Henry dusted off his carrot, stuck it back on his face and sighed, "I'm bored!"

Harry and Henry were the gatekeepers at one of the most special places in the world, Santa's Toy Factory. Behind the beautifully-carved gate made from ice, which magically sparkled and a million different colours glistened in the light, was a world very few people had ever seen. It was as though laughter, happiness and joy had become solid objects, something to actually hold, and everybody who worked behind that intricately decorated ice gate couldn't help singing cheery songs and stopping for Hugging Breaks.

Harry had never enjoyed hugging and tried to be on-guard at the gate or busy when Hugging Break began, but Henry, on the other hand, loved a good long embrace and would chase Harry around with open arms. Harry, who was twice the age of Henry, had arrived at Santa's Toy Factory many years ago after the little girl who made him had gone to bed, since it is a well-known fact that every snowman built by loving hands comes to live at Santa's Toy Factory. Even though Harry only spent one afternoon being built by the little girl, he missed her and this is partly what made Harry so grumpy.

The day of his birth may have been decades ago, but Harry clearly remembered how he saw the little girl for the first as she placed two lumps of charcoal for his eyes, how he smelt her hair when she stuck the big carrot in the centre of his face, how a shiver of warmth ran through his body when she sat her father's old evening hat on his head and how he felt so safe when she wrapped her mother's thick green scarf around his thick neck. How he missed her.

It was different for Henry, although Harry would never tell him that. Henry had been built during a playtime break by a group of boys and he had inherited their sense of play and fun, which Harry envied, but, again, he would never tell him. "Harry, did you hear me? I'm bored! I'm bored and I'm cold!" exclaimed Henry, who then pretended he was about to throw another snowball. Harry shook his head, "Firstly, you are a snowman and can't get cold. Secondly, the safety of Santa's Toy Factory is in our hands; we are the gatekeepers and we are here to watch whose coming and going! In fact, somebody is approaching now."

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