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The War on Terror: Chapter 8 The War on Terror: Chapter 8
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-06-08 08:36:07
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Pzzzzzzzzzz. What is that? Pzzzzzzzzz. It was like a, it was like an extra tiny small minute bee that was hovering around me. I pretended that it was singing to me, but the song it had chosen became irritating, a bit like a bad cover version performed on the kazoo. Kazoo, what a funny word for a funny instrument… I wonder where the word originated. The origin of words, that's called etymology… I wonder where that word originated.

The noise, or is a hum, either way it was giving me a headache; my whole skull throbbed as though my brain was swelling up and trying to break free of its container. Pzzzzzzzz. I checked everything, I checked everywhere, and then I found the cause of this humming noise. It was so small, almost the size of the bee I had imagined in the first place, but this camera was no winged insect charged by Mother Nature to produce honey. No, it had been installed by the Security Ministry in the name of the war on terror.

I full-heartedly support the government and the president with their cause. I believe we live in dangerous times where nobody is safe… we must get these terrorists with the long beards, long dresses and evil in their heart. I’m ready to serve my country. I signed up for the camera. I was first in line. I am willing to do anything to protect democracy.

What? You don't believe me. You don't have to resort to names… here, let me prove it. See this pin, yeah this small pin badge with the Stars and Stripes, it records my feelings and even my thoughts. I really do want us to win at any cost. Personal freedom is useless if you are dead, murdered by terrorists in your bed, assassinated in your armchair watching your plasma plastic TV – I've seen it happen, or at least I read about it in the paper, or did a friend tell me…

Do you remember that robbery near my house? You know, the one I mentioned earlier… I didn't? Oh, anyway, I later heard that the thief was a terrorist. Yeah, there was one in my street. Claim to fame and we've even had sightseers come buy already… Terror Tours. The thief, the terrorist, he started praying from a book and he didn’t even have a crucifix on his chest. Can you imagine! I guess he'll have to face Jesus one day. What do mean what sort of tattoo would Jesus have chosen? That's stupid.

I know that you read all my mails and listen to all my telephone calls. I want you to. You should do that with everybody. You do? Good. I am glad. I warned this friend of mine not to say things against our president and I told him that we have to give up some of our rights; it is our obligation to protect our democracy… at any price. A week later you arrested him, which was unbelievable… you should work faster than that. You sent him to that little island with all those others that had something suspect in a conversation. You see, I’ve been a very good citizen. I can even recite the Constitution… We the people…

But the Pzzzzzzzz continues. I contacted the technicians to ensure the camera was working properly. They said it was all in my mind, but I assured them that must be wrong because I lost my mind a long time ago. A very long time ago. I'd do anything for my country, even a camera in my head. No, nobody has done anything with my head. Where are you going? Yes, I can wait. I've been waiting a very long time, I can wait a little longer…

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Asa2007-06-08 10:09:55
The end!

Thanos2007-06-08 16:04:48
Mission accomplished? :D

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