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The War on Terror: Chapter 7 The War on Terror: Chapter 7
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-05-20 10:45:59
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Yes, I'm still here, although even I have had my doubts. We all have those moments of clarity…is that the right word…when we suddenly stop whatever we are engaged in and ponder what the other seven billion souls are also doing at that moment. I wonder how many of them are doing exactly the same as me, you know, amateur philosophizing.

Seven billion, how did the world suddenly get so big? When I was a kid the number stood at just under six, but there has been a population explosion, a new baby boom, and we can't even blame the Catholics anymore since they legitimized birth control. God bless that Pope! Thankfully the seven billion are evenly spread across the globe, so we don't have to worry over becoming top heavy and spilling over…I wonder if anybody else is thinking that.

Of course, not everything has changed since I was a kid. We are still fighting this war of terror, or is it war on terror? Who knows, it is just semantics as my friend used to say before he too was arrested as a suspect. Come to think of it, I never did see him again…perhaps we should make that seven billion minus one. How many zeroes make up a billion?

Ever since the beginning, the war has been terribly confusing. I remember the old Westerns where there was good guy in white and a bad guy in black – natural when all we had was black and white TV. Anyway, you knew where you were with the forces of good and evil, despite the parables with which my Sunday school teacher used to frighten us. Poor Job, he had a rough time with the Big Man in White – again, it was white in the days before colour was invented.

As I was saying, there is no distinction between the sides these days and it seems that even your neighbour could be a terrorist. The posters used to exclaim, "Suspect everyone and everything!" yet didn't that mean we should suspect the posters too? My dad would clip me round the ear and warn against clever arses…maybe he was one of the terrorists.

Over time we stopped playing cowboys and Indians out in the garden and began playing terrorists, which became really quite confusing for a ten-year-old. We never knew who was undercover, who was extremist, who was a CIA, who was a Fed, and who was in it just for the money. I remember one kid decided to pretend being a suicide bomber, but we had to point out that he could never play with us again; he became a weapons dealer instead and managed to take all of our pocket money selling us sticks.

Those were the days. Hmm, why does nostalgia always make the past look so much better? It wasn't and I know it. Today, tomorrow, yesterday, they are all the same and you can barely distinguish between the three of them. You can't. Take a moment to remember what you did every day of your life and the days merely blend into one two-minute montage, with a crap soundtrack.

I need a holiday from this life. The police, my blog, the world of seven billion and probably a few more since I began this, are just getting me down. I don't know. I wonder if anybody else is thinking the very same at this moment…

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Sunny2007-05-20 18:21:08
Well done

We 'll win this War on terror together

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