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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 9 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 9
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-03-28 09:54:35
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Mika would have loved to have met the Svalbardian Ice Eagle that had recently been scaring Matti because, as strange as it may sound, he was one of the moose’s oldest friends. The wilderness of Lapland is hard to understand and a relationship between animals is a particularly complicated matter, since one animal’s friend is another’s enemy, so a moose and magpie, for example, can be friends. Confused?

The poor moose would have given anything at this moment for any friend, big or small, feathered or furry, but he was alone and suffering from a very sore throat that was forcing him to drink water every few steps. He knew the icy water wouldn’t stop the runny nose and coughing that were on their way, but it felt so good. It wasn’t long before Mika made his first sniff and then a loud sneeze quickly followed, which seemed to echo all around him.

The sniffing became increasingly regular, as did the sneezing, but Mika was not ready for the shivering that would suddenly change to sweating and then back again – the poor moose had just got his first ever flu, probably the same as Santa’s reindeer. Despite feeling a sensation unlike anything he had encountered before, Mika forced himself onward in attempt to find a shelter, although he wasn’t sure how much further his shaking legs would carry him.

The weather was beginning to change for the worse and the shelter didn’t seem to be getting any closer, plus Mika felt as though his luck was running out fast. What happened next was unexpected: Mika started laughing. It was a small laugh at first and it became louder and louder, until tears were rolling down the moose’s cheeks and then Mika collapsed on to the ground. After a few minutes Mika woke up and realised that he now had fever and shelter had to be found immediately.

He knew there was a cave nearby, since the elf had told him about it, but he didn’t believe his shivering weak body could even stand up, let alone walk any further. “My, my, don’t you look ill!” Mika heard the voice but thought at first that he was hallucinating due to the fever. “The snow is getting heavier, it seems you may not be seeing the morning, Mr. Moose!” Mika focused his eyes and saw a white fox staring back at him; it should be noted that white foxes are not friends of magpies or moose.

“Do you need some help, Mr. Moose? This is a very dangerous place to be alone, weak and helpless!” A surge of energy shot through Mika’s muscles and he stood up to face the white fox, although the sight of the fox’s cold eyes made Mika shiver even more and he almost collapsed again. “Oh, so bad, Mr. Moose? Poor Mr Moose! Where’s your herd, moose? Where are your friends?” The voice seemed frozen and contained more terror than Mika knew possible: he swallowed a lump in his throat...it really hurt.

“What do you want from me? Go your way and let me go my way!” he croaked as loudly as he could manage. The white fox smiled, showing even more of his sharp teeth, “I am insulted, Mr. Moose. It seems as though you do not trust me. I just want to be friends with you.” Mika continued to look at the fox’s ice blue eyes, unable to break away from its stare, “Mr. Moose, I am afraid that wolves and lynx will come your way and, and, well I could not say what would happen to you.” This thought almost took the last of the strength from his legs but the fear of the fox kept his legs locked upright.

“After all, Mr. Moose, I am sure you know that this is their land and hunting ground! We animals must stick together,” continued the fox and then took another step closer. Mika could now smell the fox’s breath and it was a long way from being fresh. “So what makes you different from the wolves and lynx?” asked Mika trying to slow the fox from moving any nearer. “I’m nice, Mr. Moose, very nice. I can take you to my shelter and give you warm moss soup…”

“Moss soup is for moose! Do you have mushroom soup, you filthy fox?” A new voice suddenly came from behind making them both jump! However, the fox reacted instantly and attacked the voice, but a small bolt of lightning hit the fox on its thick white fur and caused the fox to yelp out in pain. The fox vanished into the forest, leaving only the smell of burnt hair as a reminder of its presence. “I would say that I arrived just in time my friend!” Mika managed to whisper, “Oh, Mr. Posi” before collapsing and falling asleep.

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