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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 2 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 2
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-02-06 11:39:38
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“Mika, it’s cold! Why did we leave?” The bird shuffled back and forth trying to find the exact position on Mika’s back that would offer shelter against the biting wind and relentless snow, but there was no such place for the unhappy bird. Mika rolled his eyes and began to think back to their previous adventure and the trouble he had with Matti, although he had to admit the wind today was even making his heavy fur uncomfortable. “Jump around and flap your wings…that will get the blood pumping. When we get to that little forest over there, we’ll rest.” Mika smiled, he knew how to help his friend take his mind off the cold, “Matti, how many presents do you think we helped deliver?”

During the four days since moose and magpie had said goodbye to their friends and family and begun heading south, Matti had never tired of repeating the story, continually exaggerating his part and becoming quite excited with each new telling. Mika had soon realised that it was the only way to keep his friend from losing interest in this new adventure…whatever it may be. Mika turned his had to see his friend in mid-flow, “I was magnificent! I worked harder than three reindeer and guided Santa’s sleigh across seas and the continents with incredible precision…I don’t understand why Santa waited so long to use my help….”

Sometimes the story just wasn’t enough. Sometimes it took something a little extra to cheer up his little friend. “Would you like a chocolate biscuit, Matti?” He could see from the face of his little magpie friend that it was a great idea and Matti felt so stupid that he hadn’t thought of it himself. Mika never stopped being amazed at the speed one bird could remove a hat, produce a biscuit, replace the hat and be wiping crumbs from his lips. “Mmmm, I needed that!” said Matti spitting more crumbs into the air.

Mika knew his feathered friend too well; it didn’t matter how many biscuits he had packed into the magical hat given by Seemi, he would have eaten them in hours. Thankfully, Seemi had also understood Matti’s lack of self-control, so he had cast a spell on the hat that only let Matti have one a day – Matti was not very happy about that. When Matti had tried to take a second biscuit on the first day and discovered that the hat was empty, he had flapped about so much that there had been no need for any distractions about the weather from Mika.

Seemi had told Mika about the hat, so they needn’t worry about food, but they had both accidentally on purpose forgotten to tell Matti until it was too far to return. “We have no food, Mika!” the bird had finally exclaimed after catching his breath, “We must return and start again in April, no May! No biscuits, no chocolate biscuits…oh, oh, oh, no, it can’t be happening! We must head back, maybe have a nap in a warm bed, grab more chocolate biscuits, enjoy a mug of hot chocolate and then, when the spring comes and the sun is bright, we’ll start again!” Then Mika told him the truth.

It had taken a day, well until the next chocolate biscuit appeared, before Matti spoke to Mika again, but after that life had returned to normal. Now, the magpie had been very quiet and Mika could feel him fidgeting on his back trying to dig deeper into the fur, which felt great for Mika, “A little to the left…ahhh, that’s the spot!” Up ahead, Mika could see some trees that appeared to form a tent, with the bushes making an excellent shelter from the wind.

It took more than twenty minutes to finally arrive because the wind fought them every step of the way, pushing them back as though it were a game. The shelter was perfect and even warmer than they had expected, which made the fussy magpie happy for the time being. Once the last bits of biscuit had been eaten and both had returned to a comfortable temperature, Matti stopped grooming his feathers and asked, “Mika, have you ever been south before?”

“Matti, you know that I have never been south and you know that this is only my second long distance travel, the first was with you also,” said the moose, while chewing upon a grass sandwich he had brought in his small basket. “Well, I guess the south is warmer than the north!” added the magpie, ignoring the moose’s answer. “The sun is so bright and the food, well there is food everywhere and all the birds are so happy! They party all the time, dancing, drinking and eating!” Mika nodded, too tired to say anything.

“Mika, in the south there are rivers of hot chocolate and mountains of biscuits!” Mika felt that it was time for him to say something. “Matti, nothing like that is true and you know it. There is no such place with rivers of chocolate and mountains of biscuits, and I would suggest you get some rest because we still have a long way in front of us!” Matti folded his wings in front of him, “Mika! Santa’s house had rivers of chocolate and mountains of biscuits, so you never know! Anyway, why are we going south? What is there, since you are such an expert?”

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