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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 14 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 14
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-04-24 10:06:30
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Matti could not understand the question. He was definitely proud to be a magpie, with shining feathers that were a deep black colour and ensured perfect harmony when in the air. Why would he want to be a swallow? They are so … so sensitive. They don’t like flying high, they don’t like cold air, and they are complaining all the time about something, anything and everything. Swallows just complain all the time.

“Why did you ask me that, Mr. Roni? I have no wish to be a swallow, I’m very proud to be a magpie and all my friends like me because I am a magpie.” He was so overwhelmed with the question that he had totally forgotten the chocolate biscuit in his hand. “Well, Matti, I heard a rumour that you want to fly south and I don’t really understand it because swallows fly south, ducks fly south, but magpies … well magpies stay here!” Matti looked at him with eyes wide open. “What? What, err, what do you mean?”

“Well, what else can I say, Matti? I never saw a magpie wanting to fly south. Is this some kind of a new adventure now because you got so used to these things?” Matti could not believe what he just heard. “How can you say that, Mr. Roni? Do you think I wanted to be attacked from the eagles and have this experience with Jari? I told you all my stories and none of them was good or brought me any good, and if I hadn’t met you I would probably be begging for food now from the crows in the field and …you know how much crows hate us magpies!”

“But that’s exactly what I cannot understand with you Matti and that’s why I ask. I mean here you are when the snow melts and the weather gets hot, when the forest becomes green and there is food for a magpie just everywhere; you had a best friend you could trust and share everything and you are leaving all that to go south and, at the same time, the swallows are coming back north!” Now Matti had a headache and it wasn’t from too much chocolate, “But south is like paradise, with mountains of food and rivers of chocolate. And it is so warm everywhere.”

“Matti since I have never been south and I don’t know if there are mountains of food and rivers of chocolate but I definitely know that there are more eagles and there are snakes and hawks and owls and definitely far more humans. Just look around and tell me when was the last time you saw a forest.” And Matti looked around and he had to admit that it was long time since he saw a forest. Now he could only see endless farms, houses, small villages and big cities, factories and cars. Cars everywhere.

“He says the truth, Mr. Magpie!” said a voice above them making Matti jump. When he turned to look at the voice the sun was in his eyes and he couldn’t make out who it was, but he could see it was a bird, like a blackbird, standing on a branch of the only tree around. At first Matti thought it was Jari, but he soon noticed that it was a magpie, with a beautiful black colour that glistened in the sun, and was much smaller than Jari. Matti suddenly realized that this magpie was a female.

“There are no mountains of food south and no rivers of chocolate. It’s just …like here. There are good and bad magpies, there are eagles and there are evil swans. But if you are lucky you can make good friends that you value and keep them for all your life. By the way my name is Anu!” Matti stared at the pretty magpie now stood before him and realized that he couldn’t speak, so Mr. Roni helped, “His name is Matti and I’m sure he would like you to have the rest of his cookie.”

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