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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 13 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 13
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-04-20 07:45:20
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Mr. Posi was chuckling at the funny sight of Mika’s nose and antlers sticking out of the lake. Mika had completely recovered from his terrible flu thanks to a combination of herbs, rest and Mr. Posi’s magic touch, so now he was refreshing himself with a swim. However, it had been a while since Mika had tried to swim and now he was just stood on the bottom of the lake with his nose hovering above the surface, which is why Mr. Posi’s bell was tinkling as the elf laughed and laughed.

The nose turned in a circle and slowly began to emerge from the lake, as did the moose that was securely attached to it. “Ahh! Now I feel better,” exclaimed Mika as he shook his body spraying water everywhere forcing Mr. Posi to magically produce an umbrella from his trouser pocket. The elf peeked out from behind his umbrella, “Has it stopped raining yet? Good! I was worried that my fir cone had got the weather forecast wrong for today, although it doesn’t predict moose rain!”

Spring was almost in full flow now the snow had melted away and the grass had begun to reappear once again. Mika had always loved this time of year, with its smells, sounds, sights and feeling of new starts, plus the stubborn piles of snow that hid in the shade refusing to melt. “The water was great, Mr. Posi! I can’t believe it was already so warm. Do you think the great lakes will be the same temperature?” Mr. Posi stroked his white beard, “I doubt it, since they make this lake look like a puddle in comparison. However, we will see for ourselves in two or three days, and we will meet the lake elves!”

Many, many miles away, Matti had already had the good fortune to meet a lake elf and was about to receive a shock. “Hello, you must be Matti! I am Mr. Roni, an elf of the lakes,” smiled the elf while shaking the confused magpie’s wing. “There is no need to look so surprised, Matti! All elves know about your Christmas adventure and your current journey south - in fact, we know what happened in the city and how honest you were, which is why we want to present to you…this!”

Matti’s little jaw dropped open and he felt his legs collapse under him, “It’s my magic hat, Mr. Roni! How? Who? Where? Oh, thank you, thank you!” Matti wiped away a small tear and placed the hat back upon his head, “I don’t know what to say,” gasped the happy bird. Mr. Roni laughed, “If you want to say something, why not offer me a biscuit from your hat?” Matti took the hat off and pulled out two biscuits, but immediately noticed something, “Hey, these are different! Wow! Are these really double chocolate, chocolate chip cookies?”

Together they munched upon the biscuits and they were so delicious that Matti was even eating the crumbs that fell on the ground. “I have never really thought about it, Mr. Roni, but is this what all the elves eat all the time? Chocolate biscuits?” The elf started laughing again, “It depends upon the elf, Matti. Now, I’m sure that all the stories I heard about you are all true! You are definitely the hero who saved last Christmas.” Matti was in a really good mood since he met this lake elf, not only because he had the chance to taste a new type of chocolate biscuit made by the elves, but because his new friend wanted to hear all about his great adventures.

“Oh yes, there is no elf from here to the far south who doesn’t know everything you did, even though the stories vary if you actually pulled the whole sleigh alone or with help!” The little bird flashed a happy smile and said, “Oh no, Mr. Roni this is not true. I had a little help from my friend Mika Moose!” and he continued with his cookie. “Well, to properly answer your question, Matti, chocolate biscuits are not all we eat, but we do eat a lot of them because they are just so tasty. Can I ask you a question now my little friend?” Matti nodded positively expecting a question about his adventure, but when the question came he was really surprised. “Why do you want to be a swallow? Aren’t you happy being a magpie?”

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