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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 12 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 12
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-04-14 10:04:45
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“Mika, if you don’t try to calm down I will not read the rest of the report to you!” Mika closed his eyes and tried hard to stop the anger building inside of him, but he just could not believe that his little friend was going from one trouble to the other so easily. “I’m really sorry Mr. Posi, but you know …how I feel!” said the upset moose. “Of course I know Mika, but as you can see my report has two more pages, so let’s continue and see what happened with the little magpie.”

Matti was frustrated with Jari’s outrageous behavior, so he angrily took off his hat, pulled out a chocolate biscuit and handed it to him, “Here you are! You can have the whole lot if it’s so important and it might keep you away from stealing!” Jari’s eyes bulged in greed as he looked back and forth between the hat in Matti’s claws and the big chocolate biscuit in front of him - he just couldn’t believe what he had just seen.

“Wow! Please tell me that was not a magic trick and that you really do have a hat full of biscuits, chocolate ones as well! Go on, do it again! Pull out another one!” Matti looked at the fellow magpie and tried to imagine what had happened to him to feel the need to steal, “No Jari, it wasn’t a magic trick because I don’t know any. This really is a magic hat, which was a present from Santa’s elves. However, it only gives me one biscuit a day to keep me strong and full.”

“Only one a day! Oh no! In that case, we will have to share this Matti!” said Jari suddenly changing his attitude. Matti was too tired and angry to notice the change in the bird’s behaviour. The city magpie could not believe what he had just seen, a magic hat full of chocolate biscuits would make all the other magpies respect him and he could even sell it. Jari was not a bad fellow, it was just the big city and the constant fight for survival that had made him think like that and it had become second nature to steal.

“It’s fine Jari, you can have it all, I feel very tired now and I need some rest. Do you think we could go somewhere quiet, so I can have a nap?” Jari immediately took off calling back to Matti that he knew the perfect place. They didn’t go very far, just a few blocks away on a small roof of a wooden building where the wood kept the sun’s heat and the magpie could sleep quiet and warm. Matti didn’t need a second word and somehow all this excitement had worn him down, so the minute he lay down and felt the warmth of the wood he fell deep asleep.

It was a very bad sleep for Matti, full of nightmares and faces, even Mika and Santa visited his dream asking him what he was doing and saying that they were very disappointed with him. The small bird tried to explain but they vanished and he was then in a very dark room. When the lights came on there was food everywhere with Jari in the middle saying, “Don’t worry, you can eat as much you like, I stole it!” Jari disappeared and was replaced by a crowd of angry people who started throwing stones and shouting at Matti. The little magpie moved his head trying to escape from all the dreams and suddenly he felt a chill.

He opened his eyes and realized that it was dark; the night had fallen while he was asleep. He must have been really tired he thought and he stood to stretch his wings, “Hey Jari, how long was I asleep? Jari? Where are you?” He looked around but there was no sign of Jari, he probably went for food, but why when they had the hat. Where was the hat? Matti was sure he had been wearing it when he went to sleep…
“I knew it! I just knew it the minute he showed it to him! This bad, bad bird I knew that he would steal it!” Mr. Posi just shook his head sadly agreeing with Mika’s words. He had sensed it as well, but there was still more to read in this report.

After a long search for his hat and Jari Matti returned to the same wooden roof and was now sitting with tears in his eyes. He was tired, sad, cold and hungry, plus he didn’t know what to do and what to think. He could not understand how this had happened, even though part of him was not surprised. He looked down on the big dark city, with its busy streets, busy people and even busy dogs and cats, and he felt so lonely and missed Mika so much. That night he didn’t sleep much, he was kept hoping to see Jari return with his hat and they’d laugh about the confusion, but he never came.

Matti gave another look of disgust at the city and, after checking the sun to calculate which way was south, he took off leaving it all behind him. Even though part of him desperately wanted to turn back north and find his friends and home, his curiosity of what lay further south was stronger. There didn’t seem to be many more forests, only more houses and factories, small and big cities, but the drive in Matti’s heart was bigger than it had ever been.

There was quiet in the little space that Mika and Mr. Posi had called home for the past few days and there were tears in both their eyes. They were both wondering how the little bird would manage from now on without his magic hat. “Hey, Mika! It says here at the end that the city elves found Jari on a roof eating his chocolate biscuit, so they decided to punish him by placing a spell on the hat. It says that when he next puts it on it will never come off, plus it has a loud bell that warn everybody he about to try to steal!”

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