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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 11 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 11
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-04-08 09:23:35
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“Wow! And what’s that? What does it do? And look at that! Wow!” Matti’s senses were overwhelmed by the avalanche of new sights, smells and sounds from the city, which meant Jari was answering a dozen questions every few minutes but he didn’t seem too mind at all. “Ha ha, slow down, Matti! You’ll tire yourself out before we reach the market square! And, before you ask, the market square is where we feast!” Matti’s eyes lit up at the dirty magpie’s words, “Feast! Wow!”

Jari and Matti landed on a rooftop overlooking the market square and both magpies sat in silence looking at the sight down below. Matti’s silence was caused by astonishment at so many people in one place. They were walking, standing, running, shouting, talking, laughing and eating, plus there were other four-legged animals he had never seen before and even more of these metal sleighs on wheels. However, Matti couldn’t see any other magpies among the crowd or a place serving food for birds.

There were many market stalls overloaded with meat, fish, sweets, biscuits, bread, fruits and vegetables, which left Matti wondering if this looks like heaven what will it be like even further south! “Jari! Hey Jari! Shall I go and ask if they will fill my hat with bread, cookies and fruit? I’d really like to try one of those chocolate cookies!” declared Matti licking his lips. Matti broke Jari’s silent concentration and, as he realized what Matti had said, he began to laugh.

“Oh you country boys, you are so funny! Of course you cannot ask! In the city you have to just …take it!!!” Matti looked at him with eyes wide open, “What do you mean ‘take it’? Isn’t that, isn’t that stealing?” Jari was nodding, apparently seeing nothing wrong, “But Jari, I have never and could never take something without asking!” he emphasized his last words. Jari sighed, “Listen country boy, there are two choices in the big city: you either get what you can or you starve. If you don’t like those, then fly on home to the countryside.”

Matti was shocked with this declaration but Jari continued without letting him say anything, “I like you, Matti. You make me laugh and brighten my boring mornings, so I will give you a couple of lessons free of charge! Watch carefully!” Jari spread his wings and swooped down into the market square towards a bread stall. A woman was unwrapping a fresh sandwich she had bought when Jari suddenly snatched it from her hands and flew back to where Matti was staring in disbelief leaving the woman screaming in anger behind him.

“Please don’t tell me that Matti copied him, Mr. Posi! There is no way Matti that – ACHOO - could ever do something like that; it doesn’t matter how – ACHOO - hungry he was! That’s stealing!” said the sneezing moose with watering red eyes. Mr. Posi further down the report and smiled, “Mika, please wait until I finish and then you can comment!” However, nothing could stop Mika’s anger, “You don’t understand, Mr. Posi, - ACHOO - he would never steal…never!” Mr. Posi pushed his glasses back onto his nose and continued reading.

“Yummy! Ham and tomato!” exclaimed Jari, as he chewed the stolen sandwich with delight, “Hey, what was that? Oww!” Some people in the market square had seen where Jari had landed and were now throwing stones at the two birds. Poor Matti didn’t know what to do, “What are you doing? I didn’t do anything, I was just standing here and…” a small rock flew past his head and Jari pulled him away from the edge, “Hey, country boy, let’s get out of here before they find bigger stones!”

After landing on a church roof away from the market square, Matti was still feeling numb from the theft and getaway, “Jari, Jari, what was that? Why did they throw stones?” Jari swallowed another piece of the stolen sandwich that he had refused to leave behind, “Ha ha! Welcome to the excitement of the big city, country boy! Don’t worry, they do that every time which is why you have to be fast!”

“Jari, this is …stealing!” said Matti quietly still trying to compose himself after the running away. “No way country boy! This is called survival in the big city. You know there are no berry trees or apple bushes around here!” Matti felt the anger building inside of him, “Jari, this is an embarrassment for a decent magpies and if you were feeling hungry you could just ask me and I would share my food with you!” Jari looked at him and gave a sarcastic smile, “Oh really! I didn't realize that you are wearing a magic hat that dispenses food!”

“Oh no, Mr. Posi, he didn't, did he! Oh Matti, - ACHOO - how could you be so stupid to show your secret hat to a complete stranger?” Mr. Posi looked at Mika over his glasses and shook his head in sympathetically, “Oh poor Matti, he is always so easy to trust! Do you want to hear what happened next, Mika?"

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alexandra pereira2007-04-09 03:01:50
You guys are... wanting the readers to meltdown the snow with their warm laughs? :) well thought!

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