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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 10 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 10
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-04-07 09:47:22
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Matti was beginning to have fun. The fear of being attacked from above or being hit by fire from below had exhausted him to the point where he had made it a game in which he had to suddenly swoop down, soar up or turn every ten flaps of his wings. The concentration on counting to ten and performing a fun move had relaxed the bird making the journey enjoyable for the first time since leaving Santa’s village.

Now he wasn’t constantly on guard against attacks Matti had begun to notice a slight change below him on the ground. The first time he had spotted some humans he was prepared to perform his escape move that he had practiced, but the humans didn’t seem interested in him and they weren’t holding sticks either. He had passed safely over them and no balls of fire had followed, which relaxed him even more.

The other strange thing was the forest, or its slow disappearance. He had been flying above thick forest for days, but now fields were popping up and there had even been some hills a few miles back. Matti flew through the smoke coming from a farmhouse chimney and it made him cough so much that he almost collided with another house’s chimney further on.

Matti landed on a roof and stopped for a hot cup of chocolate and a biscuit, but his attention was captured by an amazing sight a few miles away. It was a town; a huge town with more roofs than Matti could count. Matti had seen many towns, cities and villages while helping Santa, but he hadn’t been able to see much at night and they had been too busy to stop for sightseeing. Matti took out a biscuit and thought about how Mika would love the view from the roof.

Well, we had nearly forgotten Mika, our sick moose. Two days had been spent in a small cave with Mr. Posi, the chief elf, who had been caring for the ill animal, although Mika had been asleep most of the time with a high fever. On the morning of the third day, just as Matti had landed on the roof, Mika woke up in quite a confused state. “Is that you, Matti? You look different…less feathers,” croaked Mika. Mr. Posi laughed, “Less feathers indeed, Mika! It’s so good to see you finally awake.”

“Mr. Posi? Where? Why? How? What?” stumbled a very confused Mika. Mr. Posi slowly explained that Santa had dreamt Mika would get the same cold as the reindeers and had sent him with the right medicine, although his arrival was just in time to save him from that nasty fox. “I think I remember the fox, but it feels like a dream. Thank you for everything, Mr. Posi. You are a true friend.” Mr.Posi blushed, “Don’t mention it! Hey, you won’t have the strength to walk for a while, so I can tell you some of the reports coming in about Matti’s progress south!” Mika suddenly felt better already.

“Hey, you! Shiny magpie! Where are you going?” Matti looked around trying to locate the source of the voice. It came from another magpie sat on another roof, but this magpie had dirty feathers and would be an embarrassment if found in the forest. Despite the filthy feathers, Matti was very happy to see another one of his kind so he flew over to him, “Hello Mr. Magpie, I’m Matti!” The other magpie started squawking with laughter making Matti feel uncomfortable, “Oh, sorry, Matti. I didn’t mean to be rude, but nobody has ever called me Mister! Please, just call me Jari!”

“Hello Jari. Err, this might sound strange, but can we talk a bit before we …become friends. It’s just that I have had some …weird experiences with other birds,” explained poor Matti pulling back. Jari stretched out his dusty wings and yawned, “Of course, Matti. This is the city now and we don’t all have to be friends. Anyway, what was the weird experience? Did an eagle attack you?! laughed Jari. Matti was amazed and he looked at the dirty magpie with eyes wide open, “Two eagles! How did you know?” Jari smiled, “Any bird that survived two eagles has nothing to fear in the city, so come with me Matti. I’ll show you the big city! Don’t worry, there are no eagles here, we rule the big cities.”

Jari took off and called back to Matti, “You never know Matti, we may even become friends if you want!” Matti followed him without a second thought and a big smile on his face!

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