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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 1 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 1
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-01-30 08:19:51
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"Please Mika! Please let me take a bit more!" The magpie was standing on the table surrounded by a small mountain of cookies and sweets, plus lots of crumbs. "Matti, we cannot carry all that. Don't worry; it will all be here when we return…probably even more than now and then you eat as many chocolate cookies as you want!" Mika had mixed feeling about them leaving once more, especially since it meant being separated from his family, but Santa Claus had said, while cleaning his glasses, that they were both young and they had a whole year to explore before the preparations for Christmas.

Mika was secretly very proud of how he had helped Santa on Christmas Eve, but he didn't like to boast about it. He couldn't help but smile when he thought back to the party upon their return and the fun he had with his family and all the elves. Of course, the little magpie hadn’t stopped talking about it day and night, plus he had even started talking about it in his sleep. "Rudolph away! I order you Dancer…grrrr…Stop now!"

Mika became quite worried the first time it happened and he tried to wake Matti up, but when he did the magpie was really angry! "What do you think you are doing? Do you know how important my job is? I was Santa Magpie and I have a job to do! Do you know how many kids are waiting for Santa Magpie?" And then he fell back to sleep. Mika tucked him back into his little bed and allowed himself a smile at his little friend's dream.

"Son, are you listening? You don’t need to worry about us," Mr. Moose said looking at Mika. Actually, Mika was more worried about travelling with Matti again, but he didn't tell anybody that. "Son, I know what Santa told you and I totally agree with him. You are both young and you must live the adventure and learn, so the best way to learn is by seeing the world and meeting others." Matti thought he had met plenty of new people during his Christmas adventure, but his Dad didn't seem to think so.

"After all, you two are not ordinary, especially not Matti here!" Matti took a bow and thanked Mr. Moose for his compliment, "Exactly, Mr. Moose. How many moose have flown? In fact, how many animals with four legs have flown? Not many!!!" squawked the laughing bird. "We are going to rest here for a bit and take care of the reindeer that are still a bit ill, plus help the elves that look a bit exhausted from the crazy Christmas fun. We'll head to the usual lake in the south when spring comes, so you can find us there"

Mrs. Moose pulled her son's scarf tighter and straightened his hat, and then presented Matti a small red hat, "This will protect your hair from being damaged in the cold." Matti thanked her and immediately began calculating how many chocolate biscuits he could fit in it. "Probably about three cookies, Matti!" called Mr. Seemi, who had suddenly appeared. Matti blushed, "I hope you both don’t forget to be back here in November - we have time to have some practice as well, especially on the landings!" Again, Matti began to blush, since he had accidentally landed upside down on their triumphant return, although he tried to blame it on a patch of ice.

Once the laughter had died down, Mika and Matti began saying their goodbyes to elves, the dwarves and the reindeers; their new adventure was about to begin. Slowly, moose and magpie took the first steps and began to leave all the familiar faces behind them and were just shaking the big hand of the snowman who stood guard, when they heard a deep voice behind them…it was Santa, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Good luck on your journey Matti Magpie and Mika Moose. We shall see you both very soon. If you get lost this time, just follow the crumbs of Matti's cookies back here! Farewell!" They waved and began to walk away from the North Pole.

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