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Ovi magazine is a daily online media that offers opinion and comment upon contemporary issues in the European Union and the world, along with articles on a wide range of subjects.

To join our team of voluntary contributors across the world, please read the following information carefully or your article might not be published. In addition, by emailing your contribution, you acknowledge all of our guidelines and accept our rules.


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We are a non-profit publication and are unable to pay for any submissions. If you do not mind working voluntarily, then please let us know so we can begin a working relationship.

Editorial content

A variety of different sections are published each week: Politics, Environment, Culture, Reviews, Sport and Cartoons plus Ovi magazine produces a monthly PDF magazine that will contain original material and previously published work. You are also free to contribute to our regular columns, such as iBite, Euro Report, How Bizarre and cartoon sections.

Written submissions

Ovi magazine is not only about conveying information, but also analysing and offering a strong opinion on current affairs and events for our readers. Articles can be any length and you can write in any language.

Even though contributions to Ovi magazine are made on a voluntary basis, your articles must reach a certain standard in order to be published. They must:

  • contain solid reasoning that links all paragraphs and comes to a coherent conclusion.
  • be journalistic in style (not university essays or reports, although these can be submitted to our OviPedia section).
  • ensure that all facts can be backed up by explicit sources.

Please note that these rules do not apply to poetry and fiction submissions.

Please view our Events Guide page for upcoming festivals, anniversaries and other events that may inspire you to contribute.

Cartoons, Photographs & Illustrations

Ovi magazine has a number of different sections that features images, such as the galleries, cartoons and imagery accompanying articles. If you want to submit an image to Ovi, please following the following guidelines:

  • All images should be gif, jpeg or png.
  • If you are supplying a photo for an article, a blog or the Ovi Team page, it should be 100x100px and less than 50kb.
  • Submissions to Exhibition or photos to be included in articles can be any size. For images larger than 1mb we will make special arrangements - you can also submit your own thumbnail images of 150x150px.
  • Cartoons should be under 500kb. An accompanying icon can be supplied for the series at 100x100px following the same guidelines as above.
  • Please ensure that Exhibition images have a title, date of creation and details of the creator.

Other media

Ovi magazine also accepts other media and file formats, such as videos and music.

The Ovi Bad Boys present a weekly radio show that is broadcast live across Helsinki and is put online as a podcast the following day. If you are a singer or a band and would like to send us a demo to play on the show, please send it to the email address located at the top of this page.

Please contact us for further information about file formats, sizes and dimensions.

Legal obligations

The contributor bears the responsibility and risk associated with the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any material that is submitted and published. Doctored images are also the responsibility of the contributor. Ovi magazine shall not be responsible for any Content and does not guarantee the publication of any Content.

Contributors retain all copyright to all their work. Ovi magazine has non-profit article exchange agreements with Europe & Us, Newropeans-Magazine Apopseis.gr and Youth Leader magazine, so they may choose to use your article on their site. Other than the aforementioned magazines, nobody will use any material without the express opinion of Ovi. We ask you to reference Ovi magazine should you reuse any material that first appeared on Ovi magazine or printed in the monthly PDF magazine.

Ovi magazine may proofread your work for grammatical and spelling mistakes, but will not alter the core of your ideas.

Previously published articles are accepted, so long as you inform us of the publication name and date, plus whether it is covered by copyright.

Ovi magazine respects the intellectual property of all individuals and will not knowingly reproduce any material that is under existing copyright. If you believe that a copyright infringement has occurred within Ovi magazine, please contact us immediately and we will investigate any claims.

Contact details

To submit material, ask a question about contributions or any other query about submissions, please contact submissions@ovimagazine.com

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