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Events Guide Events Guide

Welcome to the Events Guide!

Below you will find a selection of festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and other interesting events that may inspire you to contribute to Ovi magazine.

Of course, we also welcome reviews of contemporary and classic movies and books, plus anything else you believe would interest our readers.

If you know of an event or anything that maybe of interest, but you don't want to write about it yourself. Please contact asa@ovimagazine.com. We also accept press releases.

Please double-check all dates before writing something. The events have been taken primarily from Wikipedia.com and it isn't always correct. Please contact us if you do spot a mistake.

NOTE: (100+) means the person would have been 100 if they hadn't died.

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January 2013

1-Jan      Global Family Day
1-Jan      Triumph of the Revolution (Cuba)
1-Jan      Independence Day in Haiti    
6-Jan      Epiphany   
16-Jan    Martin Luther King Day
19-Jan    Birthday of Edgar Allan Poe
21-Jan    National Hug Day (United States)
24-Jan    The birthday of Muhammad
25-Jan    Burns Night (Scotland and Scottish community)
25-Jan    National Voters' Day in India
26-Jan    Australia Day (Australia)
27-Jan    International Holocaust Remembrance Day
28-Jan    Data Privacy Day

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