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Chameleon ProjectChameleon Project
A design and advertising project that has had its roots in Athens and Paris from the early-80s; now based in Helsinki, Finland. Specializes in a simple beautiful and balance in form, faction and highly flexible design.
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Chameleon Project was founded in 2004 by Thanos Kalamidas as a small creative house and continuation of past projects that cover nearly twenty years of creative experience. This site is a collection of creative work and shared thinking representing simple solutions and cost-effective results that Chameleon Project produces and delivers for clients and readers in Finland and, in extension with the help of internet, all around the world.

Thanos founded Chameleon Project while working as A.D. for a magazine in Helsinki, Finland. He was motivated mainly from his need to express his work in different paths than only the ones instructed by the magazine for which he was working. He was taking on small outside projects while working at the magazine through two years of ups and downs, drastic market swings, and a new born daughter, Daphne.

Throughout Chameleon Project’s existence, people have asked about its name. Thanos likes and used the name “Chameleon” since the early-80s when he was feeling like a chameleon in his adventure between countries, cultures and different jobs. The “Project” comes from his feeling that Chameleon is not just a creative house but a place to expand ideas and creation.

Thanos believes strongly in simple design that stands out from the overload of information surrounding us. A simple, well-crafted aesthetic creates profound interest in a message without allowing visual presentation to hinder its delivery.

To learn more about Chameleon Project, read its design Philosophy , jump over to the Personal page, or see Services for a list of offerings to clients large and small. This site also hosts an extensive Portfolio showcasing a wide range of prior design work and experience.


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