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Galleria NunesGalleria Nunes

Galleria Nunes is a Portuguese-owned gallery based in Helsinki, which is open to present several forms of pictorial arts in its exhibitions. Its purpose is to lend a new cosmopolitan and refreshing atmosphere to Helsinki's art life, by bringing up new Finnish, European and International artists for a broad and diverse public to appreciate their art works, as well as question, rethink and debate on different concepts and topics, having such works as a starting point.


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Galleria Nunes presents in its exhibitions all forms of pictorial art; from painting to photography, from sculptures to experimental and conceptional spatial compositions. Design and textile art are also part of our program. We organize annually approximately 12 exhibitions.

The aim of the gallery is to offer good atmosphere and positive feelings to art life in Finland by bringing up new Finnish and European art.

Artists of the gallery are most often Finnish, but introducing interesting foreign artist and art is also a part of the program.


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Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17-A a
00100 Helsinki

Tue-Fri 11-17
Sat & Sun 12-16

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