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Turnleft: a collection of free urban guidesTurnleft: a collection of free urban guides
Turnleft is the trademark of a London-based limited company. Trying to be cutting edge and ironic with a 60% male Finnish contingent is proving an uphill struggle and we are always looking for new contributing talents to counterbalance our unsustainable demographics: www.turnleftguides.com
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Dear style travelers,

Trendwatching has a fantastic March report on the rise of free stuff and turnleft has made it: free city style guides, updated quarterly and dedicated to our favourite world cities.

Turnleft Helsinki has just been released (in London), with great success, and Turnleft Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris are next. Each guide introduces a city through its creative scene, focusing on design, architecture, fashion, contemporary art, music and food. A listing keeps you posted on the latest bars, restaurants, clubs, boutiques and art galleries. These are insiders' guides: we have a limited print run for each issue and a collector format. You can only find us in selected art spaces, bars and stores.

Enjoy your next trip and stay faithful to the turnleft ethos!

The turnleft team

About us: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson once claimed that she never turns right when boarding a 747 aircraft. We do – you can find us on seat 32E, nibbling salty nuts and fighting for elbow room. But we still consider ourselves modern jet setters and we wouldn't be seen dead on a bateau mouche. Wherever we are, we enjoy good friends, fashion, design, architecture, exciting art studios, concept restaurants and music gigs. Turnleft is a series of insiders' guides with great tips to the local scene and no attitude. All our guides are free.

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