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Go There - Suomi - Finland

 Moomin World: Come and hug a MoominMoomin World: Come and hug a Moomin by Asa Butcher
For the uninitiated, the Moomins are a family of cute and cuddly white trolls that live and play together in Moomin Valley. Created in Finland 1945 by Tove Jansson, the Moomins have appeared in countless comic strips, books, films and TV series, t
 Air plectrums ready!Air plectrums ready! by Asa Butcher
"The Purpose of the Air Guitar World Championships is to promote world peace. According to the ideology of the Air Guitar, wars would end and all the bad things would disappear, if all the people in the world played
 "Talvisirkus on Ice" on kutsuttu Roomaan"Talvisirkus on Ice" on kutsuttu Roomaan by Anne Laitinen
Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuthin huippumenestynyt Talvisirkus nähdään tänäkin vuonna Helsingin Kaapelitehtaan lisäksi myös Italiassa, Rooman massiivisessa Parco della Musicassa 9. - 10. 12. 2006. Talvisirkus n
Living there Be Lingual Go There e-Land Through the lens
 Who is Africa's "Lordi"?Who is Africa's "Lordi"? by Caisa
The OurVision - song contest is aimed at the immigrants coming from outside Europe. The event will take place in The International Cultural Centre Caisa during the spring of 2007. Entries to the contest begin on Mond
 Kuka on Afrikan Lordi?Kuka on Afrikan Lordi? by Caisa
OurVision - laulukilpailu Euroopan ulkopuolelta kotoisin oleville maahanmuuttajille Kansainvälisessä kulttuurikeskus Caisassa keväällä 2007 Karsintoihin ilmoittautuminen alkaa maanantaina 6.11.!Lordin
 Yleisötyöprojektit  kolminkertaistuneet  hurjaruuthin juhlavuotenaYleisötyöprojektit kolminkertaistuneet hurjaruuthin juhlavuotena by Anne Laitinen
Hurjaruuthin 25. juhlavuotena 2006 on panostettu yleisötyöhön. Yleisötyöprojekteja on ollut ennätysmäärä sekä kertaluonteisina että useamman kuukauden kest
 Irish Festival in FinlandIrish Festival in Finland by Asa Butcher
Irish music fans will be happy to learn that the 21st Irish Festival in Finland will be hosted across the country from Friday 29th September to Sunday 8th October. The line-up of bands looks to continue the festival
 Orion Cinema, HelsinkiOrion Cinema, Helsinki by Asa Butcher
Are you fed up with the latest remakes at the multiplex? Do you want to see original filmmaking, the way it used to be? If you are nodding your head, then your destination should be the Orion Cinema, where three classic films are screened six d
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