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 The Hitlerian-Trumpian Yahoos !!The Hitlerian-Trumpian Yahoos !! by Leah Sellers
“Yahoo !!” “That was the greatest day of my Life, Leroy ! The greatest day of my Life !”Jethro exclaimed with raucous delight.
 Pitirim Sorokin:The Renewal of HumanityPitirim Sorokin:The Renewal of Humanity by Rene Wadlow
 The pseudo-science of babies to concerned future parentsThe pseudo-science of babies to concerned future parents by Joseph Gatt
Maybe you\'re in a stable relationship. Or you\'re engaged. Or just got married. Or are just considering having children at some point. Legend and myths have it that babies “don\'t let you sleep” and are
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 Covfefe-off! Covfefe-off! by Thanos Kalamidas
Covfefe-off! The conman left the House!
 Tehran frees US hostages Tehran frees US hostages by The Ovi Team
January 21st 1981; The 52 American hostages held at the US embassy in Tehran for more than 14 months arrived in West Germany on their way home to the United States. The former diplomats and embassy staff stepped from the plane onto the tarmac a
 Don DeLillo's White NoiseDon DeLillo's White Noise by The Ovi Team
 A great month for Western democracy, January 2021A great month for Western democracy, January 2021 by Christos Mouzeviris
January the first month of the new year, and we already have plenty of developments in the Western democratic front. First of all, in the \"poster-child\" and self declared beacon of the free world, we witnessed something wh
 Friends and enemies of the truthFriends and enemies of the truth by Joseph Gatt
A few words on the world of research. Academic research is about observing phenomena and reporting the highlights of what we observed. If we can\'t observe certain things, that is if some things
 Trigger Finger for Armageddon: Trump and the Thermonuclear MonarchyTrigger Finger for Armageddon: Trump and the Thermonuclear Monarchy by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
It is the sort of breezy, skimpy and careless reasoning that is laying the ground for the Biden Republic.  A person, kicked off a social media babbling platform and having
 Berserk Alert! #243Berserk Alert! #243 by Tony Zuvela
For more Berserk Alert! HERE! For more O
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