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 Establishing a human colony on planet MarsEstablishing a human colony on planet Mars by Joseph Gatt
Earth is mostly oxygen and hydrogen when Mars is mostly Carbon Dioxide. So, if you were to settle on Mars, that would be the equivalent of trying to breathe in a smoke-filled room. Not the cigarette-smoke filled room, but a room where it\'s all
 Volcano LoversVolcano Lovers by Abigail George
 Brexit and future of cross-Atlantic relations: Decoupling or recalibrationsBrexit and future of cross-Atlantic relations: Decoupling or recalibrations by Ovi Magazine Guest
Brexit and future of cross-Atlantic relations: Decoupling or recalibrations By Sinisa Ljepojevic On the historic date of March 08t
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 AntySaurus Prick 21#04AntySaurus Prick 21#04 by Thanos Kalamidas
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 Bob Dylan in New York CityBob Dylan in New York City by The Ovi Team
 Eichmann trial beginsEichmann trial begins by The Ovi Team
April 11th 1961, the trial begun in Israel of the man accused of helping Hitler in his plan t
 Nicolai Nicolai by David Sparenberg
Nicolaian event & process in identity evolution I am Nicolai. Here is my story. As much as I am prepared to tell. In Russian my na
 SparkSpark by Jan Sand
What joins wit to weight is matterIn filigreed ionic fieldsThat seine sensation from the scatter,Covet it in horny shieldsTo integrate, elucidate, eliminate and
 Hugo Grotius: The Law of StatesHugo Grotius: The Law of States by Rene Wadlow
Hugo Grotius (10 April 1583 - 28 August 1645) whose birth anniversary we mark on 10 April played a crucial role in the development of the Law of States, in particular through two books written in Latin Mare Librium
 Tang & Ram 21#03Tang & Ram 21#03 by Thanos Kalamidas
For more Tang & Ram, HERE! For more Ov
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