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 Orson Welles scaring moment Orson Welles scaring moment by The Ovi Team
October 30th 1938; Orson Welles causes a nationwide panic with his broadcast of \"War of the Worlds\"—a realistic radio dramatization of a Martian invasion of Earth. Orson Welles was only 23 years old when his Mercury Theatre company deci
 What's Wrong With Mattel's New Susan B. Anthony Doll?What's Wrong With Mattel's New Susan B. Anthony Doll? by George Cassidy Payne
\"When I was young, if a girl married poverty, she became a drudge; if she married wealth, she became a doll\". -Susan B. Anthony
 At this tableAt this table by Bohdan Yuri
Reservations at eightat our favorite table,you were fashionably late, a less than cherished fable. you ordered the usual wineI, a double blue label.in our most best of times
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 The pseudo-science of career planningThe pseudo-science of career planning by Joseph Gatt
A few myths and mistakes when it comes to career planning, in no particular order. Mistake number 1: telling teenagers not to focus on a career goal, and to focus on school instead. You know the
 Threat to Dismantle Turkish Medical Association Strongly CriticisedThreat to Dismantle Turkish Medical Association Strongly Criticised by Ovi Magazine Guest
The Turkish Government’s recent announcement that it intends to dismantle the Turkish Medical Association (TMA) ‘to protect patients and the profession from terrorists’ has been strongly criticised by the W
 John Glenn back to spaceJohn Glenn back to space by The Ovi Team
 James BoswellJames Boswell by The Ovi Team
October 29th 1740; James Boswell is born on this day in Edinburgh to an
 Ceasefire in Libya: A Gift for U.N. Day?Ceasefire in Libya: A Gift for U.N. Day? by Rene Wadlow
Geneva On Friday 23 October 2020, Stephanie Williams, the U.N. acting Special Envoy for Libya said that the representatives of the parties in Geneva had agree
 Abyss Abyss by Nikos Laios
Play, and Let me dreamAn eternalBliss, anAbyss.
 The Euro and a European constitutionThe Euro and a European constitution by Joseph Gatt
The Euro is complex turf. Everyone loves some of it. But many think it was a bad idea. Few are sure why it was a bad idea. The good idea about the Euro and its launch on January 1st 1999 as a banking currency, and January 1
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