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 "My name is Gilbert." First night in ISD detention"My name is Gilbert." First night in ISD detention by Zulfikar Shariff
I was taken in a car. I heard that ISD’s Detention Centre was in Whitley, and I expected to be taken there. But with the hood on, I had no idea where I was. As I tried to re
 LimitationsLimitations by Jan Sand
One cannot taste with an eyeNor hear with a nose.The symphonic qualitiesCannot be exposedTo one who’s never heardAny sound
 The scramble for presidentThe scramble for president by Kola King
25 APC presidential aspirants shell out 2.6 billion naira to obtain nomination forms Events of the past few weeks lend credence to the belief that po
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 Ephemera #055Ephemera #055 by Thanos Kalamidas
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 Brown v. Board of EducationBrown v. Board of Education by The Ovi Team
May 17th 1954; The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled for school integration in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka. The ruling declared that racially segregated schools were inherently unequal. In the early 1950\'s, racial segregation in
 IDAHOIDAHO by The Ovi Team
 All in a nameAll in a name by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
There is not one person in Kanyakumari district who hasn’t heard of Martyr Devasahayam, widely referred to as Devasahayam Pillai. Born as Neelakandan to Vasudevan Namputhiri and Devaki Amma, he was trained in archery,
 To a prisonerTo a prisoner by Amir Khatib
To a prisoner The people carried their commandments and left... On the way, the oldest of them shivered in doubt; Who is following him?
 Global minimum tax rate: European Socialists and Democrats push for implementationGlobal minimum tax rate: European Socialists and Democrats push for implementation by Ovi Magazine Guest
Global minimum tax rate: European Socialists and Democrats push for implementation By Ingo Geiger EU Commission proposes direc
 Tang & Ram #035Tang & Ram #035 by Thanos Kalamidas
For more Tang & Ram, HERE!
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