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 Beckoning backwaters and banana frittersBeckoning backwaters and banana fritters by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
I had no compelling reasons to decide on Alleppey as my weekend getaway. This trip with my bosom buddy Navina came about by accident; it was certainly not my intention to travel to a place ravaged by floods. Life doesn’t go always as plan
 Sunny Fantasia Sunny Fantasia by Saloni Kaul
The all-powerful sun rules like dictator That doesn’t permit anything else to grow or appear In its domain the sky (however beautiful blue), like senator,Storming throug
 Revitalizing South Korea's tourism industryRevitalizing South Korea's tourism industry by Jay Gutman
South Korea has two major problems when it comes to the tourism industry: the weather, and geography. South Korean weather is made up of cold and dry winters and hot and humid summers, meaning tourists tend to avoid South Korea for the weather.
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 Berserk Alert! #114Berserk Alert! #114 by Tony Zuvela
For more Berserk Alert! HERE! For more O
 Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit"Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" by The Ovi Team
 Easter bunnies and Easter eggsEaster bunnies and Easter eggs by The Ovi Team
Rabbits have been associated with springtime since ancient times. It is believed that a symbol of the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring Eostre was the hare. It was Eostre\'s sacred animal since it was a symbol of fertility and the rebirth of nature
 Apollo 16 safely on MoonApollo 16 safely on Moon by The Ovi Team
April 20th 1972: Apollo 16 safely on Moon after engine crisis. The Apollo 16 mission has landed on the Moon after a seven-hour crisis that nearly aborted the mission altogether. Astronauts John Young
 The rise and fall of president BouteflikaThe rise and fall of president Bouteflika by Jay Gutman
Algeria\'s president Bouteflika was chosen to lead the country in 1999 specifically because he had been a government insider since 1963. Bouteflika was also chosen because, being an admirer of Castro, he could give lengthy speeches, and, more i
 Turnip in the StillTurnip in the Still by Michael Lee Johnson
Turnip in the Still In shadow wooden structures
 Permissible Influences: Israel and the Australian ElectionsPermissible Influences: Israel and the Australian Elections by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
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