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Children Stories for Grown-Ups

Children Stories for Grown-Ups

These are part of a collection of children stories for grown-ups that I have been working on for the last few months.
The Dragon Who Did Not Have Bad Breath by Chad Norman
04 January 2009
As we all know, dragons have bad breath. The main reason being that when they spit fire, it leaves their mouth with the smell of burnt putrid flesh.
The Old Fairy by Chad Norman
09 January 2009
She had been the delight of children all over the world. With her magic powers she realized the most impossible dreams for many children of any race, creed or color, but she is now over two hundred years old, and she is suffering from all the health malad
The Carnivorous Caterpillar by Chad Norman
23 January 2009
The story of a gluttonous caterpillar who ate beyond his capacity.
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My Encounter with a Space Alien by Chad Norman
31 January 2009
The day I refused to go away with a space alien in his flying saucer.
Angels without Wings by Chad Norman
05 February 2009
According to tradition, the sounding of a bell signals that an angel has received his wings, giving him the power to fly and to become a guardian angel.
Autobiography of a Dustball by Chad Norman
12 February 2009
I was born a few years ago into a well-to-do family under their bed, in a corner where the leg meets the spring frame. The owners were a recently married couple and for obvious reasons they kept me awake all night.
Children Stories for Grown-Ups: My Ugly Feet by Chad Norman
23 February 2009
The shocking story of my ugly old feet, including toenails.
Children Stories for Grown-Ups: The Nagging Wife by Chad Norman
26 February 2009
The old saying: \"behind every great man there is a great nagging wife\" is a valid saying. Consider the following...
Fierce Little Spider by Chad Norman
08 March 2009
It was a hot afternoon here in Miami, but there was a cool Northern wind that made it feel comfortable. I was watching the clear sky, seeing how the clouds were being moved rapidly by the wind.
Children Stories for Grown-Ups: The Light In My Eyes by Chad Norman
19 March 2009
Every night for the last fifteen years, I had to contend with a light coming from a street lamp that shines through the sliding glass doors, right into my eyes as I am trying to go to sleep.
Children Stories for Grown-Ups: Delicacy by Chad Norman
27 March 2009
The story of how some people can recycle leather shoes for the benefit of a community. This is the story of a tribe in the back woods of a certain Continent here on Earth.
Children Stories for Grown-Ups: Gary and Pablo by Chad Norman
05 April 2009
Dogs can learn many things if you just give them a chance. This is the story about my two dogs and what they have learned in our house with my wife and I.
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