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 Helsinki Spring 2007
by Will Martin

Will Martin, an American and long-time London resident, now lives in Helsinki, Finland, and the arrival of spring has inspired him to pick up his camera and capture its fresh glory.

 Alone?Alone? by Will Martin
Tehtaankatu, Helsinki
March 2007
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 JunctionJunction by Will Martin
Tehtaankatu, Helsinki
March 2007
 Capital bloomingCapital blooming by Will Martin
Capital blooming
Tehtaankatu, Helsinki
March 2007
 Flag DayFlag Day by Will Martin
Flag Day
Huvilakatu, Ullanlinna, Helsinki
March 2007
 Shadow creeperShadow creeper by Will Martin
Shadow creeper
Vuorimiehenkatu, Helsinki
March 2007
 1A to Eira1A to Eira by Will Martin
1A to Eira
Laivasillankatu, with view of Uspenski Catheral, Helsinki
March 2007
 A cafe with sailsA cafe with sails by Will Martin
A cafe with sails
Cafe Ursulla, Kaivopuisto
March 2007
 Walking the dogsWalking the dogs by Will Martin
Walking the dogs
Kaivopuisto, with view of Suomenlinna
March 2007
 On the horizonOn the horizon by Will Martin
On the horizon
Kaivopuisto, with view of Suomenlinna
March 2007
 Tree SculptureTree Sculpture by Will Martin
Tree Sculpture
Kaivopuisto, Helsinki
March 2007
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