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 The Doors
by The Ovi Team

Everybody knows that 'ovi' means 'door' in Finnish and everybody deals with at least one door every day of their life. Whether it is the fridge door, medicine cabinet door, bedroom door, front door, garage door, trap door or a stable door, there are doors to be opened, closed and locked in all aspects of our daily lives. We invite you to share your favourite doors with us in our 'The Doors' exhibition by sending a photograph and a description to submissions@ovimagazine.com

 XanthiXanthi by The Ovi Team

The door from Xanthi, Greece

Taken by Lilian Badani

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Back at the ranch

Here is a picture of me in front of my front door.
The reason why I took this pic...
The place where I work held a staff social and our task was to go around London and cobble together a fancy dress costume in a couple of hours. With a strict budget of £20 per person and 5 people to a team, based on themes we pulled out of a hat, my team picked the theme '1970s'. So, we dressed up as the village people and I had to dress up as the gay cowboy. Everyone then met in a pub and start to drink until late in the evening. Early in the night one of the company bosses said that he would give some money to the company charity for each person who wears their fancy dress costume all night, heading back home on the tube or night bus. If they turn up the next day with a photo of themselves outside their front door still wearing said costume.
Taken by Ben Whiting

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