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Reviews and criticisms of classic and contemporary literature, movies and art, including the occasional review of the slightly offbeat, fill this section.

 Around the World in Eighty Days: A review by Asa Butcher
In the history of the Academy Awards, who has been the most successful producer? No, it isn't Hal B. Wallis, with an impressive 19 nominations, nor Sam Spiegel, Saul Zaentz or Darryl F. Zanuck, each with three wins; it is Michael Todd...
 Eye Floaters: A Review by Edna Nelson
Floco Tausin's "Mouches Volantes - Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness" is a bore. As a person who has some knowledge of New Age Spirituality and Meditation, I was interested in the book, but I could barely get through it.
 70 years of Disney's Pinocchio by Asa Butcher
Everybody's favourite pine nut turns 70 today; yes, it is seven decades since Walt Disney premiered 'Pinocchio'!
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 Forget Disney's hyphenless PoohForget Disney's hyphenless Pooh by Asa Butcher
In honour of 'Winnie-the-Pooh' Day, I have republished an old review of two of my favourite Alan Alexander Milne books: 'Winnie-the-Pooh' and 'The House at Pooh Corner'.
 Led Zeppelin, the beginning by Thanos Kalamidas
And what a beginning! On January 12, 1969 a Zeppelin shown us "the only way to fly" as it was advertised despite the fact that the cover of the record features a black-and-white image of the burning Hindenburg airship.
 Cameron's Pandora's Box by Thanos Kalamidas
Usually when I want t write something about a book or a film I leave a few days to go by, it's like the good wine you let the wine to get some air before start drinking it. And I did the same with the film "Avatar" I watched last week actually with Asa
 Pandora's Box Office Hit by Asa Butcher
How much introduction does James Cameron's Avatar require? The film has been one of the most highly-anticipated films of the decade bringing back memories of the fever that preceded the release of Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park.
 Green Ink by David Sparenberg
Theodore Roszak's THE VOICE OF THE EARTH is a big book. Big not only in actual volume, chapter to chapter, page by page, but big in scope and containing a largess, as in abundant wealth; for THE VOICE is rich in perspective and reflective depth.
 Toward a Post-Secular Europe. A Revisiting by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
The book under review tackles head on a very important question: why does religion flourish in America, but languish in western and central Europe? Why are some issues about religion and public life in America nearly incomprehensible to Europeans (such as
 Insensitive Basterds by Johnny Milner
There is no doubt that the Holocaust is a very delicate matter for many people. So sensitive in fact that if publicly questioned, trivialized or poked fun at - serious consequences can occur. The so called Revisionist Scholars, who are known around the wo
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