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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Pipe DreamsPipe Dreams by Bohdan Yuri
Light a pipe dream a life
 Christmas in ParisChristmas in Paris by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
When mother died, she got to think about her father, This man she never knew.
 T'was the Flight before ChristmasT'was the Flight before Christmas by Jan Sand
I ride the wind at Christmas time Across a black and wintry sea Strapped to a chair High in the air Deep in the dark, no Moon to see.
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 The messageThe message by Bohdan Yuri
The message I'm getting is far from here it travels in a line of constant despair.
 Forgiven sinsForgiven sins by Amir Khatib
I reveal to you a great secret; When I took you to the garden, It wasn't my intention to harvest the wet as I promised you,
 Rustic Kingdom Rustic Kingdom by Nikos Laios
The cedars cracked And splintered; Falling into the Grassy plains.
 So you're turning 17So you're turning 17 by Theodore K. Nasos
So you're turning 17, What can I say, You look pretty good, Even with a touch of dismay.
 A prayer for the dementia of the fleshA prayer for the dementia of the flesh by Abigail George
'The flame in the snow', in the field, In the wild 'song of songs' wilderness of The green sea. Its energy poured itself Into me and names whispered secrets of men
 It's All TechniqueIt's All Technique by Saloni Kaul
Dreams flower, reach fruition. Heights arrived, things ease. Poem's prime tension-release!
 It was the LaughterIt was the Laughter by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Laughingest man! - it wasn't an act, it was desperation. It was larger than yourself, little man. They all said you'd come to an end with it some day, kill yourself with it: the veins standing out in your temples, ready to burst
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