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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 The Lost GenerationThe Lost Generation by Nikos Laios
They were The children Of delusion, Young men And women
 This Poem Contains Flash PhotographyThis Poem Contains Flash Photography by Neil Leadbeater
The paparazzi freeze you. A girl's pendant catches the sun. For a second it nearly blinds you.
 WarWar by Jan Sand
A cheese roll and a coffee cup To accompany the morning chatter of the radio Nattering of menaces out of Iraq, Dull appraisals with Chicken Little qualities
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 The EgoThe Ego by George Cassidy Payne
is churned by waves of tugging, flushing, handwashing lava, stretching and relaxing, plumes rising 200 miles out into space.
 Blue MajestyBlue Majesty by Nikos Laios
I would like to live In a small house on The edge of a cliff Overlooking The blue sea.
 Zumba with a CaneZumba with a Cane by Leah Sellers
It's too hot for a Walk OutDoors So, I'm off to the Gym To Walk - to Stump around an InDoor Track Walking around in Circles
 Unknown Poet from Rue MontpelierUnknown Poet from Rue Montpelier by Michael Lee Johnson
I warned you darts with advice strong words tripping over emotions like an imbecile- so you think you're Leonard Cohen
 400 MIllion MIles From the Sun400 MIllion MIles From the Sun by George Cassidy Payne
Beauty is located inside a gravitational tango,
 Precious BonesPrecious Bones by Nikos Laios
The precious bones Lie sleeping in the bowels Of the earth curled up In a timeless embrace Among the sediments And ancient stones.
 The beach bugThe beach bug by Bohdan Yuri
There comes a winter pale creature that walks through glassy boulders trimmed by the ocean's sharpened roar.
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