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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 At First SightAt First Sight by George Cassidy Payne
The hour I walked through your temple door, I came and knelt before your table.
 HumanHuman by Nikos Laios
Everyday we dig deep Plunging into the depths, That's where the good stuff is;
 In a new roomIn a new room by Bohdan Yuri
Shadows dancing, lost and found, stars above, make no sounds; from the moon, ghostly abstractions fill my room with playful distractions.
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 The clavicleThe clavicle by Amir Khatib
I play the clavicle, There is no comparison or comparison I roll the days, the feathers of the wings,
 Translations from the Cinema - RedbeardTranslations from the Cinema - Redbeard by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Redbeard sees all, knows all, cures all. Those grocking sounds are actually swallowings, As the man forces himself to not cry out, not say the imprecations. Percolations of the inward cries cause the glutinal clicks. The man is gasping like some wretc
 Window PainWindow Pain by Pamela Hunt
The cat... slate gray, stands sentry- At the bedroom window, sentry for centuries...standing like an old, tall building, Green eyes panicky...
 Electric HorsesElectric Horses by Nikos Laios
I dreamt of Electric horses Burning across the sky Over melting clocks On midnight beats
 PalimpsestPalimpsest by Jan Sand
I am inscribed each morning with the bright Sun, blue skies, The cheerful twitter of the birds captured in green tapestries of leaves. The draperies of prospects out of coffee, plans to be fulfilled
 Where Are the Colors of Time?Where Are the Colors of Time? by Bohdan Yuri
Where are the colors of time, Do they hide in the opaque islands, Floating in our white crowded sky?
 The Disbanding of an AssumptionThe Disbanding of an Assumption by George Cassidy Payne
doubting you would, under the Ford Street Bridge at dawn, you kissed me, as a trumpet vine
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