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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Our march in timeOur march in time by Bohdan Yuri
Our march in time seems so sublime, yet, we cannot savor life's forward climb.
 A message to a widowA message to a widow by Amir Khatib
I am a lonely man worthy of you, madam, share your unit or double it, He puts you on your coat and arranges your collar, which you neglect every time, But because of the back pain,
 Exa!tationExa!tation by Saloni Kaul
Bag of bones precious Empowered by breath's treasure Exalted dry-dipped.
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 At The CafeAt The Cafe by Jan Sand
At small gobbletime I squatted in clocklight To glancegrab streetwheel swifties and stumblebys. Skyfog chunks ambled in the blue, allwhite, While chirpers quietchopped with whistletries.
 Heart & SoulHeart & Soul by Nikos Laios
Because we love, Because we need love, To feel true moments Of beautiful passion, To transcend our Fear of death.
 The Wild Boy of AveyronThe Wild Boy of Aveyron by George Cassidy Payne
Before we learned to solve each other's traps, you reminded me of that poor wolf child, urged on by hunger, digging for roots and bulbs in the fields,
 Roman Error ReconstructedRoman Error Reconstructed by David Barger
The wisher wells forsake their lands To build atop of foreign sands; They would burn a house For the debt one owed - They would burn a house But not their own.
 Who knew herWho knew her by Bohdan Yuri
There's a hooker lying dead across the street where I live
 BaggageBaggage by Amir Khatib
_ What do you think, brother, that we gather our needs and leave. _ It's still dark much of the night, Should we carry it with us? There is nothing in the darkn
 IktushiwiIktushiwi by Virginia Maria Romero
Collectively we are creating a living story.... no beginning no end
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