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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 At the GraveyardAt the Graveyard by Shola Balogun
After you might have killed me too Then your child would ask this of you, How is it that he knew not his sin,
 Smiles Wag Across Your Face Smiles Wag Across Your Face by G. David Schwartz
1 Smiles wag across your face and move your lips out of place 2 Trees in the park sanction birds in the dark. Trees in the day are a puppies way,
 My World's ScaleMy World's Scale by Saloni Kaul
There comes a time when I see these world quarters All through the filtered haze of my own writing screen, A scrawl of words that write themselves on scene--
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 Ephemeral LifeEphemeral Life by Nikos Laios
I can feel The blue sky Rub between my fingers, And the taste of the yellow Sun on my lips.
 In The CaseIn The Case by Jan Sand
No stuffed bird in a museum display Can convey the twitch and swirl that Events hurl at something struggling to stay Alive.
 Joshua TreeJoshua Tree by George Cassidy Payne
is a place that has nothing to do with us. A place where deer sleep and mammoth did before them. Hidden and held in place by a secret grammar
 FreedomFreedom by Nikos Laios
Isolation Is savagery, And loneliness Is despair.
 As the egret is in the far EastAs the egret is in the far East by Shola Balogun
Do not think to be old and to be beautiful Is not earthly, nor truthful; As the egret is in the far east,
 Creat(ure)orCreat(ure)or by Gordana Mudri
In days of yore I've had a land so full of divine beauty, there was no need and no command and joy was all my duty.
 What Could I Have Done?What Could I Have Done? by Bohdan Yuri
I will, Idle my needs for your warm felt touch And remove the spell that spins your gold,
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