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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky by Amir Khatib
The sun deceived us We were defeated by our grandfathers' land And the moon gave us whimper that we do not deserve
 Sweet NectarSweet Nectar by Nikos Laios
I drink from your red lips And you drink from mine Love's sweet nectar And elixir of life, Love the sustaining Force of the universe
The day (once more) when the world as we know it stopped the Doomsday Clock, barely in the nick of time, stood still the power of political death over
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 Frederick SoundFrederick Sound by George Cassidy Payne
Before the finned dinosaurs of the Icy emptiness
 Collected MomentsCollected Moments by Nikos Laios
The clouds are misty And hang low over the harbour, There's a coolness in the air And a soft breeze blows across the water
 Spruce UpSpruce Up by Saloni Kaul
Rewards do come from being neat and tidy, That big spring cleaning when you simply tidy up, Instant as that tidy sum that's for you ready, Or you make clean net gains sturdy as horse's stirrup.
 Wash the soot from my soulWash the soot from my soul by Bohdan Yuri
wash the soot from my soul, I've burned too many along the road. there isn't a war conspired that will douse the fires of man's most hateful desires.
 Desire to returnDesire to return by Amir Khatib
I desire to return home. burn the wood and light the candles of the pine-tiled room, Covered with lime-white silence, light the stairway to the dim mist, turn on the radio on its only station, walk barefoot, I listen to jazz...
 Red RoadRed Road by David Sparenberg
If you will but remain open to Great Spirit keep your heart in a good place cry for a vision to give shape to your identity direction to your destiny
 HopeHope by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
A thousand years ago: bound by belief That they were in the hands of God, Celtic monks, bearing relics and saintly trinkets, Loaves of bread, perhaps fish, perhaps an offered coverle
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