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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 LighthouseLighthouse by Bohdan Yuri
Before you were a saving beacon, blind ships were lured to cast lost souls.
 The Killing FieldsThe Killing Fields by Nikos Laios
The guards And the barking dogs, And the tears trickling Down stained cheeks In haunted silence Under grey northern skies
 Tribute to Keith Wilson (1927 - 2009)Tribute to Keith Wilson (1927 - 2009) by Virginia Maria Romero
His fingers tap the keys one by one - in the wake words take form,
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 Woman Sitting In A Chair Wearing A White PoppyWoman Sitting In A Chair Wearing A White Poppy by Chad Norman
By the border of my unknowing I stood ready, always ready, to admit to it, unknowing, the border where I stood by watching how she sat in a chair
 Where Are the Colors of Time?Where Are the Colors of Time? by Bohdan Yuri
Where are the colors of time, Do they hide in the opaque islands, Floating in our white crowded sky?
 Thanksgiving  DinnerThanksgiving Dinner by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Pennsylvania woods. A grey day, in season. Grey winds blow with mastery. On the ground, in the clearings, Mottled browns on brown.
 The CoastThe Coast by Nikos Laios
A squall battered The coast at night And the trees branches Brushed against The cottages,
 The Thing I Found Remaining Was a Brand New DayThe Thing I Found Remaining Was a Brand New Day by Osy Mizpah Unuevho
You are good, not everybody, at picking dates to visit; at dropping visions in my sleep. Under the sun, my fears listen to know if the coast is clear;
 The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky The Comedy of the Tragedy or Sputum to the sky by Amir Khatib
The sun deceived us We were defeated by our grandfathers' land And the moon gave us whimper that we do not deserve
 Even Though We Could Be EndedEven Though We Could Be Ended by Chad Norman
Someone's uninjured hand has not placed it there, the lonely stone with a white vein across its sea-strewn face.
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