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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Poetic DaysPoetic Days by Nikos Laios
On my balcony, Just perfect! The sun is breaking Through the winter clouds, And I close my eyes as the sun Washes my face in a golden light
 While watching cartoonsWhile watching cartoons by Abigail George
You fill my soul with leaf and paradise and the pulse of blue light. Your shark teeth like ivory.
 Deadly coldDeadly cold by Amir Khatib
Deadly cold unites the world, where it's hard to cry, Tear crystals attached to the cilia, Ceramic pieces fall on the stone and smash...
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 We Dreamed Ourselves AwakeWe Dreamed Ourselves Awake by David Sparenberg
One day we all woke up. Every one of us really woke up. We dreamed ourselves awake.
 Torment Of The NightTorment Of The Night by Nikos Laios
In the corridors And the hallways They whisper, On the boulevards And city streets They walk alone In the silence of The night.
 Mobius StripMobius Strip by George Cassidy Payne
To forgive is to release. To let go. To be held.
 The messageThe message by Bohdan Yuri
The message I'm getting is far from here it travels in a line of constant despair.
 ApolloApollo by Nikos Laios
Lord Apollo, I stand on the deck Of a sleek ship Eyes fixed forward And the wooden prow Cleaving the blue Aegean, And I shall journey to your Sacred Isle.
 WinteringWintering by Jan Sand
Summertime has, finally, gone to wane, It had a decent run. The Pleistocene was rather mean Before the green had begun And humanity had its short fun Until it turned excessively insane.
 Hybrid shadow - v2Hybrid shadow - v2 by Amir Khatib
Hybrid shadows remind the earth of what it was before, She sprouted what was once upon her, We are led to believe that nothing is new. What we see today, it was before!
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