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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 The Final FallThe Final Fall by Nikos Laios
They fell into The sea like angels, Floating like leaves Softly on the breeze.
 The PointThe Point by Jan Sand
The point, in mathematics, is an indication of a place, A thing of no dimension, no extension, merely a mention That it is here we must pay attention.
 The mirror of the soulThe mirror of the soul by Gordana Mudri
Hundreds of shadows walk. Hundreds of whispers talk...
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 RebelRebel by Nikos Laios
He was a rebel With a cynical vision Of the world and roamed The rusted ghost towns
 Brueghal, CensorBrueghal, Censor by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Pieter Brueghal the Elder was the greatest painter in the history of the world. He brought to light dark and vibrant corners of the human pageant, and showed Us many secrets, good and bad,
 All The While All The While by Saloni Kaul
A silver pebbled beach All of a hundred miles...... A thousand paces chain continuously strong Silent all the while !
 Those EyesThose Eyes by Hunter Dasten
Can you peer through those eyes? The radiance must be blinding. As I gaze into them I've come to understand what the ancients must have felt, looking up toward the shimmering night sky.
 You must be very tiredYou must be very tired by Abigail George
Once, he was my mother's golden boy. Still is, in some ways. His path was a golden way. No cobblestones to hurt his feet. In youth, my brother and
 The Wind HowlsThe Wind Howls by Nikos Laios
The wind howls And the train clings To the cliff top over The wild Pacific ocean,
 The Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against Those WhistleBlowerThe Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against Those WhistleBlower by Leah Sellers
The Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against Those WhistleBlower, Democracy and American Constitution Lovin' and Savin' Yo-Yo's !
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