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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Coyote WhispererCoyote Whisperer by Virginia Maria Romero
In a moment of absolute abandon... warmth from the sun's first rays caress bare skin
 School TimeSchool Time by Saloni Kaul
Mindset's perfect rules Inhale-exhale yoga school Bone for breath for bone.
 Digging a ditch Digging a ditch by Nikos Laios
Under a clear blue sky And searing heat the sweat Dripped off my naked back, I was consumed with digging a ditch To the sounds of jackhammers And whirring machines.
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 Firefly DreamsFirefly Dreams by Bohdan Yuri
Fireflies whisper dreams In the forest without noise, and the night birds swoop From shadow stations.
 AtammayataAtammayata by George Cassidy Payne
Birth and death, love and hate, the burnt scent of cloves on fingers and campfire on jeans, nothing is attached for long.
 O valleyO valley by Amir Khatib
O valley, I will order you to pass the baby to his mother's breast, From the sky If I decide not to enter your land Without paying tribute, or be killed!
 The Numbers GameThe Numbers Game by Jan Sand
The numbers One and two and three, Small steps towards infinity, Where imagination crashes And the universe falls to ashes. They have disturbing connections To reality,
 The Revenge of Hephaistos The Revenge of Hephaistos by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Homer tells the story while telling of it: How the God of War and the Goddess of Love dared To break the lock of propriety, join blood to desire, Careless of consequence, or the eyes of others' envy.
 John Doe SmithJohn Doe Smith by Bohdan Yuri
Last night john doe was zipped, and lifted in his black plastic bag, the frozen stiff was finally moving to a new location on the other side.
 The Potter's WheelThe Potter's Wheel by Nikos Laios
A bright green grapevine Hung over a Potter's Workshop on the Island of Naxos, And the purple grapes Glowed over the finished
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