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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Old age is...Old age is... by Jan Sand
Old age is a time of disconnect. Time alive is time to collect all sorts of sensation. Contemplation requires the stuff of thought.
 The moon, the wolf, and the darknessThe moon, the wolf, and the darkness by David Barger
I had just taken my nightly dose of medication As I waited for the effects to sit in, And decided to go outside Out into the neighboring slumber To sit while smoke filled my lungs.
 The Fate of PoetsThe Fate of Poets by David Sparenberg
Calligraphy burns In the firepit of creation.
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 All In Good TimeAll In Good Time by Ovi Magazine Guest
A garland of dry leaves When flowers are out of season Confers what little else then can.
 Call my nameCall my name by Ovi Magazine Guest
Distance borders seen in the circle of red sea Little brother, wonder what kind of head cut
 Momentary SpeculationsMomentary Speculations by Jan Sand
To grasp the asp of termination Cleopatric germination Of finality Dispatches all reality,
 A walk through these empty roomsA walk through these empty rooms by Abigail George
Look, it is autumn. Autumn rain. It is the beginning of a brave new world.
 Madness Of NightMadness Of Night by Nikos Laios
The soul Of the world Howls in the Wind like a hungry Dog.
 Colors Of LifeColors Of Life by David Sparenberg
What are some colors of life on Earth? There are grays for all those gray days. And browns of dust when winds throw tantrums.
 Going PostalGoing Postal by Jan Sand
To fold a cat It must be flat So that, one can hope, To place it in an envelope
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