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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Firefly DreamsFirefly Dreams by Bohdan Yuri
Fireflies whisper dreams In the forest without noise, and the night birds swoop From shadow stations.
 Our WorldOur World by Nikos Laios
I miss The waves The ocean And the beaches, I miss the city streets
 What to DoWhat to Do by Bohdan Yuri
What do you do If upon death, You're in a place With no time, no space.
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 Disposable JesusDisposable Jesus by Nikos Laios
Through the dusty metallic Window blinds and the glowing Neon lights gazing at the Dark streets below I could see they had fallen
 Things you need to know about stardustThings you need to know about stardust by Abigail George
Open the door and you will find a kingdom there. There are things that you need to know about me. I have a conversation
 The Heart CriesThe Heart Cries by Bohdan Yuri
The heart cries, Its voice muted. Eyes well, spine wilts, Bloodflow, aimless.
 Georgia O'Keefe's TaosGeorgia O'Keefe's Taos by George Cassidy Payne
is time collecting prints on the thumbs
 Over the tree whispers turn into screamsOver the tree whispers turn into screams by Abigail George
I haven't fallen in love in eight hours. I wish I could fly out of this room to any place that I could call home and sanctuary away from this cold winter's dream, thinking about what you did not say out of the blue...
 2:00 AM2:00 AM by Bohdan Yuri
It's 2:00 AM, And I don't want to go to sleep.
 Prison Officer's SonPrison Officer's Son by Ovi Magazine Guest
Before he discovered Alan Sillitoe's lonely long-distance running Borstal boy, his first encounter with a startling marriage of prose and poetry, he lived inside a Borstal compound in a row of...
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