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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 ShadowShadow by Nikos Laios
You left the world But your shadow remains, The imprint that your soul Made on this world remains.
 Bug BluesBug Blues by Jan Sand
I happened on an arthropod, A jointed legged fellow, Who sang a tragic little song Which ranged from shriek to bellow.
 SmileSmile by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Smile at me, baby. Show those teeth of yours. I love those teeth, so beautiful, so regular. When you flash them at me I feel so loved.
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 By Teaspoons ? By Ladle ?By Teaspoons ? By Ladle ? by Saloni Kaul
When sounds of trouble then all of a sudden soar Like pigs disgruntled squabbling in a poke , We all know better than to be so fooled at core,
 Toodalooo From the Zoo Near the MoonToodalooo From the Zoo Near the Moon by Bohdan Yuri
What say you inside the Milky Way, Where stars are stirred into foray, A spiral swirl into a dark exhaust,
 Swimming in the deepSwimming in the deep by Nikos Laios
The ocean sang Of memories Swimming in the deep Under the blue sky
 WisconsinWisconsin by Abigail George
There is love here. A kind of resurrecting. A life instinct drowning in the gaseous life experience of the mother tongue
 Spelunking the PsycheSpelunking the Psyche by Jan Sand
All hard lines, strong shapes Bright colors, make escapes To leave remains behind closed lids. Dark sparkles, vague circles, pyramids
 Waves of Warm OceanWaves of Warm Ocean by Moustafa Al Yassin
The noise of flame Touching the eyelids with the flames of the missing while the tears that running under there will never stop anything of the memory inside And the wishes and the Iraqi poem which passing between two wonders and a question
 Things you need to know about stardustThings you need to know about stardust by Abigail George
Open the door and you will find a kingdom there. There are things that you need to know about me. I have a conversation
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