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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 The Present HomeThe Present Home by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
She was beatified, really and truly, To think that he, far off there in the war, Away from everything he knew and cherished,
 Cool ItCool It by Jan Sand
There is suspicion of intent In everything, no purpose bent, For living things must orient Purposes where none is meant.
 Crack in the wallCrack in the wall by Nikos Laios
There was A crack in the Wall and it was Sucking in the sky,
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 ValentineValentine by Abigail George
The face that flinched when you wanted to hit me. I smile. I smile. I smile (think of autumn) because it makes it better. It hides the sadness look at what you have done to me)
 DignityDignity by David Sparenberg
Every human being requires sustenance food some form of nutrition food and water.
 Dawn RisingDawn Rising by Mbizo Chirasha
I see many voices rising with the sun sharp spears of the sun ,undulating with coming freedom mother was there during liberation i will be there for the other liberation a revolution of million voices
 Etched In Black IvoryEtched In Black Ivory by David Barger
The beginning is a cracked egg shell With yoke dripping from the frail Limbs connecting human form,
 Blueprint & The Stars AllBlueprint & The Stars All by Saloni Kaul
He was deft, dramatic and determined. His aim was the perfect drive Moulding physique and stamina,
 Visitations from the most primitive womanVisitations from the most primitive woman by Abigail George
Peri-spinach (a constellation/s) alongside fried onions. Layers.
 Skylarks Skylarks by Nikos Laios
A cold wind Blows outside, And the leaves
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