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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 ExileExile by Nikos Laios
I remember our last dance Before I left for foreign shores, The way you brushed my cheek With your hand and how I Held you gently in my arms.
 Everybody wants to play with fireEverybody wants to play with fire by David Barger
Longing to be instilled with warmth In the forgettable realms of destruction Remembering the heritage of ancestors When worshipping the burning sun Began and ended each passing day.
 CompromiseCompromise by Bohdan Yuri
Next to my surprise did I realize, life is best served in compromise,
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 SparkSpark by Jan Sand
What joins wit to weight is matter In filigreed ionic fields That seine sensation from the scatter, Covet it in horny shields
 LorieLorie by Michael Lee Johnson
Lorie, you want to see me clearly through this joy of my naked body avoiding the sweat of my emotions,
 Usage Little By Little Usage Little By Little by Saloni Kaul
Those were the tales you liked best as book by book Invented by your mother SALONI KAUL Rose right before your eyes, your fancy took In measures both magnificent and tall.
 Mobius StripMobius Strip by George Cassidy Payne
To forgive is to release. To let go. To be held.
 Invisible ManInvisible Man by Nikos Laios
I am invisible, I am one of the Countless men Who live in Anonymous cities
 StarvingStarving by Bohdan Yuri
Flowing silk saris Surround painted faces, Baubles and bangles Still hang from the past.
 Pear country during EasterPear country during Easter by Abigail George
You're just a boy and I'm just an invisible girl. You're tenderness, light, angelic. You're a still life portrait.
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