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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 New DreamsNew Dreams by Nikos Laios
Under the stars We breath tonight, Under the stars We feel the world And dream New dreams.
 The painted birds The painted birds by Abigail George
I'm helpless. She knows this and tells me to forget this place of weeping and change. She's an afternoon shadow. A crack in the wall. A crack in the system.
 Ambiguities Of ContinuityAmbiguities Of Continuity by Jan Sand
Survival, one is persuaded to surmise, Is, generally, no great surprise. Whatever tosses asteroids at our blue-green dot Has a careless aim and there are certainties
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 The WaveThe Wave by Nikos Laios
Her body Moved like a wave, Her soul like an ocean; Surging over the Summer of my youth.
 I begI beg by Bohdan Yuri
I beg my will to show me still the simple strength from within, that I may hold on beyond the end and not fall weak to wanting trends.
 The WallThe Wall by George Cassidy Payne
I loved you, the way jewels are left unclaimed on the ocean floor. I loved you forevermore, and I knew all along that such a place does not exist.
 EchoEcho by Nikos Laios
I searched for you In the darkness, I felt your soul But you were Missing.
 To march every yearTo march every year by Amir Khatib
When the rose turns into a cannon And ants to guard legions I sit by the window heavily Watch the yellowing of tree leaves A hole around me
 Sovereignty Sovereignty by David Sparenberg
Freedom of Conscience is freedom to think your own thoughts feel your own feelings give voice to your voice
 DesperationDesperation by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Thrown up by the earth, and violently. Long journey down again to earth, slow and slowly. It's a long ride, and seldom fun.
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