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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 To the heavenly goodnessTo the heavenly goodness by Amir Khatib
ask the salt ship timber, If you miss your songs! The sails have no wind to remember,
 Sovereignty Sovereignty by David Sparenberg
Freedom of Conscience is freedom to think your own thoughts feel your own feelings give voice to your voice
 Celestrial ChildrenCelestrial Children by Nikos Laios
Their souls rose up In plumes of smoke Curling around the Flames on the pyre,
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 Like ZenLike Zen by Michael Lee Johnson
You are morning when the artist comes young oriental with your poems like Zen.
 A SeparationA Separation by George Cassidy Payne
Long before the last glass is empty, from the last of the seaside planks,
 CrusoeCrusoe by Shola Balogun
I ride on the waves of their lies and tell how vicious men master vain manners for a piece of unhallowed bread.
 Preface to sailPreface to sail by Bohdan Yuri
kiss me, gentle mist on fog's grey skin. spray your perfume, salty sweet, that I may lose my bitter tinge.
 A dreamA dream by Amir Khatib
Came in a dream As if I count stars on a clothesline, I fold one in my basket and leave another wet with clouds. A fresh blue devouring the scene.
 All day I've dreamed of youAll day I've dreamed of you by Abigail George
Once, once you were like Persia to me. For the last time, show me the ways to love. Cue me its despair. It's hardship.
 Apocalyptic SymphonyApocalyptic Symphony by Nikos Laios
A stench hung In the breeze, And the smell Of decay carried From distant Valleys.
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