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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 The needleThe needle by Bohdan Yuri
The needle doesn't hurt as much as you looking
 The ExileThe Exile by Nikos Laios
The old wooden Shack sat on the edge Of a sand dune on a Desolate beach On the outskirts Of the city.
 Dance of Tears, Chief Nobody (V5)Dance of Tears, Chief Nobody (V5) by Michael Lee Johnson
I'm old Indian chief story plastered on white scattered sheets, Caucasian paper blowing in yesterday's winds.
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 I see myselfI see myself by Bohdan Yuri
I see myself, first time, As age finally spreads its dew.
 God's FrequencyGod's Frequency by George Cassidy Payne
I could be wrong but I do not think it can be measured in Hz.
 Beauty's Yardstick & Temple Triumphs Beauty's Yardstick & Temple Triumphs by Saloni Kaul
Stars flit o'er the sky's midnight blue As I contend with beauty, beauty long forgot, Grapple with changing aesthetics untrue As fickle as fashion tastes yesterday bought.
 Memory Of The World Memory Of The World by Nikos Laios
In solitude I heard The trees whisper In the heat of the day Among the cicada songs,
 Desert In BloomDesert In Bloom by Virginia Maria Romero
He walks through the desert grabbing handfuls of silken petals heavy with morning dew not thinking of the thorns piercing his calloused fingers; A working man...
 Urgent LoveUrgent Love by David Sparenberg
Live in alternative practice. Choosing alternative energy de-industrialize.
 CrusoeCrusoe by Shola Balogun
I ride on the waves of their lies and tell how vicious men master vain manners for a piece of unhallowed bread.
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