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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Modernist RushModernist Rush by Nikos Laios
The early Sunday morning Skies are sombre and grey, And a strong wind blows over The ocean and flecks
 QuietQuiet by Jan Sand
So must I at sunset times and early morning darknesses Attend the swirls of random thoughts that murmur, Whisper, groan, cry and caress the past At the graves of distant distress.
 Crazy HorseCrazy Horse by George Cassidy Payne
You are my Crazy Horse. My warrior chief and Grandmother Earth.
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 SacrificeSacrifice by Nikos Laios
The long grass Blew in the wind like a wave Under a blue sky and soldiers Were lying in the grass dead
 The needleThe needle by Bohdan Yuri
the needle doesn't hurt as much
 AppraisalAppraisal by Jan Sand
To look inside Delight, deride, Examine and decide What might have value
 Blue SkyBlue Sky by Nikos Laios
A single tree Stood in a golden Swaying wheat-field Shimmering, noble
 Boulder, ColoradoBoulder, Colorado by George Cassidy Payne
Is the wry grin an old hippy makes when hiding a handful of magic mushrooms.
 Blue EmbraceBlue Embrace by Nikos Laios
The fish heads Sloshed in the Metal bucket on The swaying deck Splashing drops
 A Definition of TimeA Definition of Time by George Cassidy Payne
On a dead-end block in an Atlanta suburb, she lays down to drink
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