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This section contains articles about science, nature, medicine, anthropology, health and the human spirit.

 International Decade of Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028International Decade of Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028 by Rene Wadlow
On 22 March, World Water Day, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed "The International Decade for Action: Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028.
 An open letter to Greta ThunbergAn open letter to Greta Thunberg by Joseph Gatt
First of all congratulations on all the attention you're getting for your climate change action, and protest action against climate change and for environmental protection.
 Sun-Earth DaySun-Earth Day by The Ovi Team
March 18th; NASA's Sun Earth Days team is joining forces with NASA EDGE to explore the violent nature of our Sun at the peak of solar activity and share discoveries from NASA's heliophysics and planetary missions during this exciting period.
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 Malaysia's Looming Food and Water Catastrophe - Don't look at what you eat or drinkMalaysia's Looming Food and Water Catastrophe - Don't look at what you eat or drink by Murray Hunter
Malaysia is heading towards a crisis in food toxicity, with, for instance, occupational poisoning and disease among farm workers averaging more than 2,500 cases per year, according to research by the Journal of Plant Pathology.
 Cousteau publishes The Silent WorldCousteau publishes The Silent World by The Ovi Team
On February 3rd, 1953, French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau publishes his most famous and lasting work, The Silent World.
 Insulin, first useInsulin, first use by The Ovi Team
23rd January, 1922: The first injection of Insulin (called isletin originally) on Leonard Thompson, a 14-year-old diabetic who lay dying at the Toronto General Hospital on 11th January 1922 caused a severe allergic reaction.
 This is Not Dresden*This is Not Dresden* by David Sparenberg
Just when we were about to give up hope... No-stop! This is not correct. We had already lost all hope. So, after we had lost all hope, the rain came and put out the fires of apocalypse.
 Janus-Faced on Climate Change: Microsoft's Carbon VisionJanus-Faced on Climate Change: Microsoft's Carbon Vision by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
"This is a bold bet -a moonshot- for Microsoft." So claimed Brad Smith, Microsoft President, in a Thursday announcement painting a picture of a company that intends to be carbon negative by 2030.
 A Matter of Quality: Air Pollution, Tennis and Sporting OfficialdomA Matter of Quality: Air Pollution, Tennis and Sporting Officialdom by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
They are disgruntled and have every right to be. Whatever one's feelings about tennis, expecting athletes to perform in subpar conditions is a rank matter that should see officials taken to task.
 Incendiary Extinctions: Australian Fires and the Species EffectIncendiary Extinctions: Australian Fires and the Species Effect by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Cocooned as it is from the world of science scepticism, the handling of the bush fire catastrophe unfolding in Australia is going to one of the more notable (non)achievements of the Morrison government.
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