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Ovi magazine would like to thank each of its partners for their support and trust, while we have been developing this project. Each has provided a special service during the two years of Ovi magazine and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many more years to come.
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Apopseis in Greek means opinions and this site is all about opinion with our very own Thanos as usual loud adding his contribution. Apopseis hosts opinions from members of the Greek parliament from all sides, members of the society and gives room for expression to organizations and associations that fight for a better and more democratic society with freedom of speech and expression.

Arkadia International BookshopArkadia International Bookshop
We hold a comprehensive collection of secondhand books in a large variety of topics. The books we sell are in English, French, Spanish, Russian and other languages. We pride ourselves on offering effective and prompt service to all our customers. We also take pride in being an independent bookshop, with the ability and desire to reflect the interests of many readers. Please advise us of your desiderata.
ArtPrint - KirjapainoArtPrint - Kirjapaino
A tradition of skill - Finding the right printers for your product is a choice that calls for inventiveness. Art-Print serves its clients with skill in a wide range of printed products, combining demanding craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Art-Print is a consulting associate and partner that will offer you the best possible customized printing solutions to meet your needs in all situations.
Books from FinlandBooks from Finland

Published since 1967, Books from Finland is an illustrated quarterly English-language magazine about books from and about Finland. We publish work by contemporary Finnish and Finland-Swedish writers – poetry, prose, fiction, essays and interviews in new translations – and articles, features and reviews of non-fiction, reflecting the scope of cultural life in the country. We also share with our readers the best choices of classic Finnish prose and poetry. 

Chameleon ProjectChameleon Project
A design and advertising project that has had its roots in Athens and Paris from the early-80s; now based in Helsinki, Finland. Specializes in a simple beautiful and balance in form, faction and highly flexible design.
Europe & UsEurope & Us
Europe & Us is an online magazine in French with the same philosophy as Ovi. They are launching an English language supplement and will be taking articles from us, as we will take some from them.
European Union Migrant Artists NetworkEuropean Union Migrant Artists Network
EU-MAN is short for European Union Migrant Artists Network, a network for professional migrant artists living and working in the European Union area. It was established in Turku, Finland, in January 1997: www.eu-man.org
Finland for ThoughtFinland for Thought
I'm an American who's been living in Finland for four years. I started this blog to address some of the political, cultural, and current event issues in Finland and the United States. I am a strong advocate of liberty, individuality, equality, and tolerance.
Finlandlive.info is an Online Community for people and especially travellers interested in Finland. You can find a Discussion Forum, Networking Tools, Chat, Links and other useful resources and tools on our Community web site. We are looking forward to welcome you in a growing Community! http://finlandlive.info
Free! magazineFree! magazine
FREE! is an online publication in English language and it focuses on culture and entertainment. With non-political content, FREE! is the first website created to satisfy the needs of knowledge about Finnish culture for the English speaking, young and urban audience.: http://freemagazine.fi
Galleria NunesGalleria Nunes

Galleria Nunes is a Portuguese-owned gallery based in Helsinki, which is open to present several forms of pictorial arts in its exhibitions. Its purpose is to lend a new cosmopolitan and refreshing atmosphere to Helsinki's art life, by bringing up new Finnish, European and International artists for a broad and diverse public to appreciate their art works, as well as question, rethink and debate on different concepts and topics, having such works as a starting point.


Global South Media (GSM)Global South Media (GSM)

Global South Media (GSM) is an independent Journal that provides a venue for journalists, writers, analysts and experts to disseminate content on a wide-range of subjects that are often overlooked or under-represented by Western media.

International Cultural Centre CaisaInternational Cultural Centre Caisa
Caisa is the International Cultural Centre in the heart of Helsinki. Its aim is to support the multicultural development of the city by promoting the interaction of people from different countries, and by providing information about various cultures and about Finnish society - http://kulttuuri.hel.fi/caisa
International English SpeakersInternational English Speakers' Association of Finland
The International English Speakers' Association of Finland is a volunteer organization of international people  living in Finland whose common language is English. The purpose of the organization is to share different cultures, provide networking opportunities, social contacts and offer information  and discussion about life in Finland.
Kansan Radioliitto ja Lahiradio-KaRaKansan Radioliitto ja Lahiradio-KaRa
Kansan Radioliitto – Folkets Radioförbund ry (KaRa) on radio- ja tv-toimintaan keskittynyt viestintäjärjestö, joka toimii kuuntelija- ja katselijajärjestönä, viestintäpoliittisena etujärjestönä sekä kansalais- ja yhteisöradiotoiminnan kehittäjänä. KaRa on yksi neljästä Helsingin Lähiradion toimiluvanhaltijasta. Lähiradio kuuluu pääkaupunkiseudulla taajuudella 100,3 MHz. KaRa tarjoaa ohjelmaa pääasiassa keskiviikkoisin ja sunnuntaisin. Muiden päivien ohjelmista löydät tietoa linkkisivulta.
Newropeans MagazineNewropeans Magazine
Newropeans Magazine is an independent magazine developped for the exchange of views on the future of a democratic Europe. Newropeans Magazine is independent from all European institutions, governments, religions and political parties.
Oil PriceOil Price

Oil Price is one of the leading energy news sites online. The site has news and opinion on all fossil fuels covering crude oil, natural gas and coal. 50% of our content is also focused on alternative energy and the environment where we cover solar energy, wind power, and all other clean energy technologies. The site also contains crude oil price charts and crude oil consumption tables. Our crude oil price charts cover three month periods and our energy tables cover crude oil production and crude oil consumption alongside coal, natural gas, nuclear power and all other major energy sub-sectors.

We are in the process of designing new oil price charts - which will enable visitors to see oil prices for both WTI crude oil and Brent crude oil in more detail. Oil Price reports can be found on Marketwatch, The Street, Huffington Post, Roubini, USA Today and hundreds of other top news publications. Our analysis of oil price movements and oil price forecasts are published on a weekly basis and can be found in the relevant categories on the site.

Oxter WebOxter Web
Oxterweb web hosting works with small and medium-sized businesses, using the power of the web to create an internet presence that is effective and cost-efficient -- essential characteristics in today's competitive business world. Our packages have been created to suit most hosting needs, but we understand that our packages may not cover everyone's requirements.
Panathinaikos PalmosPanathinaikos Palmos

Panathinaikos Athlitikos Omilos (Παναθηναϊκός Αθλητικός Όμιλος), widely known both as Panathinaikos or PAO, is a Greek multisport club based in Athens, Greece. Panathinaikos has been largely successful throughout its history, as its teams and individual athletes have won a total of 496 officially acknowledged titles (as of March 2008) in both national and international competitions.


Reporters without bordersReporters without borders
More than a third of the world’s people live in countries where there is no press freedom. Reporters Without Borders works constantly to restore their right to be informed. Fourty-two media professionals lost their lives in 2003 for doing what they were paid to do — keeping us informed. Today, more than 130 journalists around the world are in prison simply for doing their job. In Nepal, Eritrea and China, they can spend years in jail just for using the "wrong" word or photo. Reporters Without Borders believes imprisoning or killing a journalist is like eliminating a key witness and threatens everyone’s right to be informed. It has been fighting such practices for more than 18 years.
Tamera Peace Research CentreTamera Peace Research Centre

What is Tamera?

"Those who don`t want war need a vision for peace"

The "Healing Biotope 1 Tamera" in southern Portugal is an international training and experimental site for the development of peace research villages and healing biotopes worldwide. Under the motto "Think Local, Act Global", approx. 150 people live, work and study in Tamera: www.tamera.org

The Finn-Brit PlayersThe Finn-Brit Players
The Finn-Brit Players is a Helsinki-based amateur drama society whose origins date back to the early 1950s. Since becoming active again in 1981, we have staged over thirty productions. The choice of plays has included musicals, murder mysteries, classics, comedies, Shakespeare, children’s entertainment, and drama: http://www.finnbritplayers.com/
Turnleft: a collection of free urban guidesTurnleft: a collection of free urban guides
Turnleft is the trademark of a London-based limited company. Trying to be cutting edge and ironic with a 60% male Finnish contingent is proving an uphill struggle and we are always looking for new contributing talents to counterbalance our unsustainable demographics: www.turnleftguides.com
Youth LeaderYouth Leader
YL Magazine is a dynamic upgrade of pnyv! and Humanity 4.0 magazine, two exciting pilot adventures on new positive change media - created and managed in 15 languages by a team of more than 350 young online volunteer contributors from 70 countries
zeroin.gr is an online showcase of global design works. Founded in 2004, zeroin focuses on researching and sharing with its audience the most inspiring creative works, events + news.
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