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Blog List

Blog List

A blog (weblog) is a website that provides commentary on a particular subject, such as music, politics, or local news, while others are personal online diaries. Most blogs are primarily textual although many focus on photography, videos or audio (podcasting).

Ovi has seen many interesting blogs over the past two years and we would like to share with you some of our favourites. You will find blogs in many languages within our iBlog directory and they encompass a wide range of subjects each offering a diverse opinion, which doesn't always agree with our own point of view.

If you feel that your blog would be of interest to Ovi and its readers, then please send the URL, a short description and a 100x100-pixel jpeg image illustrating your blog to iblog@ovimagazine.com

All links are checked periodically and Ovi magazine is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.



Blog of the Month

Roger EbertRoger Ebert

Welcome to the new RogerEbert.com, the world’s preeminent destination for movie criticism, commentary and community. It is with a mix of great sadness and genuine excitement that we bring you this new site, the product of a two-year collaboration between Ebert Digital, run by Roger Ebert, Chaz Ebert and Josh Golden, and web development partner Table XI. Roger was an innovator in so many ways. From democratizing movie criticism and bringing it to a more mainstream audience, to publishing his reviews to Compuserve at the dawn of the Internet, Roger was always pushing the envelope. It was a great challenge to develop a product that would meet his exacting standards, but he loved the site when he last saw it, and we’ll do our best to continue to develop something he’d be proud of.
Over the coming months, we’ll add content and features to the site, including an enhanced version of Roger’s fan club, the Ebert Club, integrated mobile apps, and broader inclusion of video on the site. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy this collection of more than four decades’ worth of content written by Roger and his handpicked team of collaborators, searchable and explorable like never before.

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Alex RossAlex Ross

Alex Ross has been the music critic of The New Yorker since 1996. His first book, The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century, won a National Book Critics Circle Award and the Guardian First Book Award, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He has also published an essay collection, Listen to This. Ross has received an Arts and Letters Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Belmont Prize in Germany, and a MacArthur Fellowship. A native of Washington DC, he lives in Manhattan and is married to the filmmaker Jonathan Lisecki.

Alexandra PereiraAlexandra Pereira
This website was born to divulge the projects by Alexandra Pereira within the Visual Arts field - paintings, photos, videos, arts projects, artistic residencies and exchange programmes, studio visits and projects for galleries run by artists -, as well as written materials (books, short-stories, screenplays, theatre plays and regular articles for different magazines).
All Day I Dream About PhotographyAll Day I Dream About Photography
ADIDAP, or All Day I Dream About Photography, was born on the August 23rd, 2006. It is here that we share with the world our love for photography through tutorials (photography and post processing), news and featured photographers. Today ADIDAP community counts 8942 photography lovers.
AmjadAmjad's Blog
I am an 18-years-old Sudanese male whom was born in Khartoum, raised & grown up in Oman. Currently doing Petroleum Engineering somewhere in North America.
An unfinished person (in this unfinished universe)An unfinished person (in this unfinished universe)
The title of this blog is inspired by the quote by the late Dr. George Sheehan, “Each one of us is an unfinished person in an unfinished universe.” The primary purpose of this blog is to serve as a portal into one unfinished person’s life, especially through three elements of not only who he is, but who we all are.
A Greek blog about the Greek language.
Artists who blogArtists who blog

Hi, I'm Stephanie - an American artist/ illustrator living abroad in Europe. I love to travel, make collages, and interview artists and other creative people.



Greek blog, a holy …goat with opinion!!!
Backyard gardening blogBackyard gardening blog
My name is Chris and this is my gardening blog. I live in the city, technically “near-suburbs” I guess, and my lot isn’t the biggest thing in the world, but I make the most of it. Since buying this house I’ve put in over 500 linear feet of brick retaining wall, a new fence, and hundreds of plants. I’ve probably spent nearly $10k and hundreds of hours of labor over the past two years on my landscape. I mostly grow flowers and perennials, but I’ve also planted some trees and foliage plants.
Berserk Alert!Berserk Alert!

Tony was born way back in the crazy, far out, groovy sixties; ’62 in fact…That’s him over to the left. He currently lives with the four people inside his head, somewhere in Australia. His Hobbies are Arthritis and Medication. Was once in the Television Industry as a Cameraman/Editor for well over 20 years. Cartooning and Drawing is something Tony’s been doing naturally on-and-off ever since he could walk, but nothing professional, just doddles for Family and Friends; that is, until in 2004 he decided to give Cartooning a full-time red-hot go ( the silly fool! ), and he’s never looked back; partly due to the Arthritis in his neck.


And according to the blog-writer: 'm Paul (‘peacay’ or ‘pk’) and I live in Sydney. I’m not a mysterious persona by intent. To me, the content of this site (wonderful things made by other people) far outweighs my own pedestrian talents. I'm just the curator.
Bicycle DesignBicycle Design

Bicycle Design is the place for thoughts and discussion about industrial design in the bicycle industry. It’s a place for real bicycle lovers!

Books for kidsBooks for kids' Blog
A blog which offers book reviews for young people of preschool to high school ages by a children's librarian with decades of experience in reading guidance.
Brilliant AnywayBrilliant Anyway

A refrigerator for my Artwork.

Closet CookingCloset Cooking

Kevin, the creator of this blog from Toronto Canada: “I came to realize that my meals were boring and that I had been eating the same few dishes over and over again for years. It was time for a change! Now I spend my free time searching for and trying tasty new recipes.”

Crooks and LiarsCrooks and Liars
John Amato’s virtual online magazine…OK, It’s a blog!
Cycling PeaceCycling Peace
'Peace is consciousness!' 'Rauha on tietoisuus!'
Sofia, a.k.a. Aunt Sofia. A Greek multiculturally enriching London! And musically as well.
Dinlos and SkilldosDinlos and Skilldos

I'm a writer and illustrator. I combine the two by working in comics and I'm lucky enough to write pictures and draw stories for a living.

Dissecting LeftismDissecting Leftism
Leftists are concerned to win acclaim. They don't care about truth...
Dreams Into LightningDreams Into Lightning
Dreams Into Lightning provides news and views from a culturally liberal, politically neoconservative perspective.

I'm Dan Meyer. I taught high school math for six years to students who in many cases did not like high school math. I'm currently a doctoral candidate at Stanford University in the field of math education. I speak internationally and work with textbook publishers, helping them transition from print to digital media. I was named one of Tech & Learning's 30 Leaders of the Future and an Apple Distinguished Educator. I live in Mountain View, CA.

As Johnny, the creator describes it: I’m a naturalist with an unnatural ardour for the study of evolution, ecology and ethology.

I am a very youthful 70 years old. I own land and work hard. I built my own 4 bedroom house with a little help from my friends and I still regularly use a chain saw, fell weed trees and chop firewood. I keep fit by working hard and I also love dancing. If I am not out dancing I am at home, not anything old fashioned like waltzes, lol. I am a freestyler.

I read a lot, love photography and going to places I haven’t been to before. I have travelled extensively all over the world to more than 30 countries and lived in 6 different countries. I have 2 children, both girls and both happy with long term partners. I became a grandmother in 2012.  I can’t say the same for myself. I seem to be unlucky with men. I am very warm and affectionate with the ‘right’ person. I have New Age leanings, but not over the top. I am a Gnostic, so I don’t follow any religion. Religion is for those who are lost and can’t rely on their conscience to guide them. Yes, I am different from most people, especially women my age.

Euro WatchEuro Watch

Officially I am currently fifty nine, I live in Barcelona and I have three children - a boy (Morgan) and two girls (Sara and Andrea). If I were pinned down in a corner and had for once to say what I was - as opposed to who I am - I suppose I would say I was an 'economist', although this is a destiny that most of the people who know me well would say I had spent the better part of my life trying to avoid. Pinning it down even further I would probably say I was a macroeconomist (since I have to say that microeconomics has always bored me - almost to tears, and indeed almost to the point of failing my first degree - which is curious since I notice that the vast majority of popular weblogs deal precisely with micro topics. Evidently either most people have understood something which I have failed to grasp, or the opposite is the case. Filling-in that little box which asks "how would you describe yourself (maximum 50 words)" has always being something of a problem for me. In fact I have the feeling that as soon as someone tries to put a label on me I am already struggling loose trying to escape from it. Perhaps the best commendation to my work was made by my old school headmaster who, in one of those endless termly reports, got right to the heart of things: 'is he trying to prove that any fool can miss a bus?' He was definitely right; I seem to have spent the best part of half a century becoming a specialist in missing busses.

Finding SimplicityFinding Simplicity
Welcome to "Finding Simplicity", a blog where I share my journey through the jungle of consumerism, debt and keeping up with the Jones' towards one that's simpler, more sustainable and eco friendly.
Finland for ThoughtFinland for Thought
I'm an American who's been living in Finland for four years. I started this blog to address some of the political, cultural, and current event issues in Finland and the United States. I am a strong advocate of liberty, individuality, equality, and tolerance. Enjoy!
George SouGeorge Sou
I love to read. I love to travel. I love Internet. I love all that beautiful colours around me. Have a nice day…
Handicrafts with the duck and the sesameHandicrafts with the duck and the sesame
Handicrafts made by very own hands with joy and playfulness

Xειροτεχνήματα το παπί και το σουσάμι
φτιαγμένα από τα χεράκια μας με κέφι και διάθεση για παιχνίδι
Hologram ThoughtsHologram Thoughts
No formal training in religion, philosophy or anything of merit. And it shows. Sometimes practitioner of Judo and Chi gung.
Hyperbole and a HalfHyperbole and a Half
Hyperbole and a Half is not really a web comic, but it isn't really a blog either. Basically, it has lots of pictures and words and it really tries hard to be funny.
Integral Options CafeIntegral Options Cafe
Integral Options Cafe offers a place to discuss all things related to a Buddhist, integral worldview. While theory is important (Buddhism, Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics, psychology, and Integral Theory), so is politics, art & poetry, human values, popular culture, and humor. I invite comments, different points of view, and anything that can add to a civil discussion of living in an integral world.
JohnnyBJohnnyB's private secret diary
A post-modern Mr Pooter (Independent on Sunday - UK).
Kairosta kuuluuKairosta kuuluu
Kairosta kuuluu eli janoisen kamelin tutkimuksia. (In Finnish)
Kings of A&RKings of A&R

Throughout the last decade, Kings of A&R has helped hundreds of artists worldwide land licensing deals, endorsements,  publishing deals, and major record deals with companies including Disney, Lava, Atlantic Records, Universal, Warner Brothers, EMI, Epic, Virgin, Republic, J Records, Island Def Jam, Wind-Up, Roadrunner, Mercury, Interscope, A&M Octone, Glassnote, Columbia, RCA, and various indie labels.

Kings of A&R has been recognized as a music industry leader by UK’s Financial Times, CNN, Billboard Magazine, Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, as well as daily newspapers around the world. Kings of A&R is operated and owned by Dean Cramer who has worked and consulted for major & indie music labels as well as artist management firms.

Welcome to Lifehacker, an award-winning, daily blog that features tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help you get things done smarter and more efficiently. Lifehacker launched in January 2005, and now ranks as one of the top-linked blogs on the internet according to Technorati.
Light WithinLight Within
This is where I carry out some target practice and refashion my attitudes.
Love in a TentLove in a Tent
Michelle Waitzman is the author of "Sex in a Tent: a wild couple's guide to getting naughty in nature" She lives in Wellington, New Zealand although she is originally from Toronto, Canada. She loves spending time in the great outdoors - hiking, backpacking (or 'tramping' as they call it here in NZ), and sea kayaking. Michelle also wrote "Moon Living Abroad in New Zealand", a guide for those who would like to follow in her footsteps and move to New Zealand.
Maverick PhilosopherMaverick Philosopher
To promote independent thought about ultimates. Philosophy, commentary on the passing scene, and whatever else turns my crank. Since 4 May 2004. By William F. Vallicella, Ph.D., Gold Canyon, Arizona, USA. Motto: "Study everything, join nothing." (Paul Brunton) Latin Motto: Omnia mea mecum porto. Turkish motto: Yol bilen kervana katilmaz. (He who knows the road does not join the caravan.)
Almost every year I travel to “Keski-Suomi”, particularly to the Jyväskylä area. So, I created a blog about the Finnish Model, in the perspective of decentralization and municipalism - Finland and Portugal: two distant territories, two decentralization forms.
Ms TeacherMs Teacher

Married to my best friend for over 20 years. Mom to three wonderful (most of the time) kids: Artist Girl, age 21, Guitar Teen, age 18 and Wrestling Fan, age 14. This is a blog about the educational experience of a middle school teacher. While this blog is mostly on educational topics, I do also share things about life outside of the classroom. Occasionally, I accept guest posts, very rarely do reviews of websites or products. However, I'm not opposed to accepting a free trip to Disneyland for my husband and myself. True Fact: My husband, who is 50 years old & has lived in California his whole entire life, has never been to Disneyland. I believe that a free trip just might change that & help him to discover what he has been missing all these years!

The title says it all…
My JourneyMy Journey
A simple man with no wish from life!! It is a personal online journal about my life here in Finland. In this blog I discuss the culture of Finland as well as the places I visit and the people I meet.
Night lifeNight life
She never sleeps at night. She there talking, thinking, expressing ideas.
Nina DahlbackNina Dahlback's Postskriptum

Nina Dahlbäck is editor for the Finnish Swedish language paper “Vasabladet. A social scientist who has wrote a dissertation on the language politicians use when communicating with journalists and voters. Therefore, she is somehow allergic to a certain kind of dazzling imagery.

Nordic Design BlogNordic Design Blog
A blog about creative design and life in Nordic countries
Writings of libertarian social theorist Chris Matthew Sciabarra.
This blog contains notes from Mirage created during his philosophical quest. Style is more personal, news-like than his other blog, Philosophical Mirage.
Open Eye Photography BlogOpen Eye Photography Blog
The Open Eye Photography blog is built and maintained by the members of the Estetica Graphic Design & Photography Forum and is a showcase of all our favorite photography work and favorite photographers from around the world.
Oscar GrilloOscar Grillo's Grillomation
An illustrator and animator’s blog who’s at work since 1960!
Osocio is dedicated to social advertising and non-profit campaigns. It’s the place where marketing and activism collide. Formerly known as the Houtlust Blog, Osocio is the central online hub for advertisers, ad agencies, grassroots, activists, social entrepreneurs, and good Samaritans from around the globe.
P.S. I made this...P.S. I made this...

Erica Domesek founder of the innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) lifestyle brand P.S.- I made this...is a distinguished design and style expert living and creating in New York City. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage her audience to embrace the concept of “I see it. I like it. I make it.” Born from Erica’s passion for hand-making stylish objects and accessories that make everyday life more beautiful P.S. – I made this... launched as a website in 2009. Shortly thereafter Elle Magazine dubbed Erica “Fashion’s Queen of DIY”. The website features DIY projects, accompanied by bold inspiration collages and simple step-by-step how-to’s. P.S.– I made this encourages followers to cultivate their inner-creativity and embrace the ever-growing DIY phenomenon.

She loves nice things to read!!!
People of WalmartPeople of Walmart
We personally have nothing against Walmart. We, along with most of America, shop at Walmart for nearly everything we need.  This site is simply a satirical social commentary of the extraordinary sights found at America’s favourite store. Walmart is Americana baby, Enjoy! ‘People of Walmart’ was founded in August of 2009 by three friends and roommates after an inspirational trip to Walmart.

Different, definitely opinionated! His target are celebrities, his trademark funny symbols on celebrities ...faces! His name is Hilton, Perez Hilton.
Photoshop DisastersPhotoshop Disasters

Have you seen a truly awful piece of Photoshop work? Clumsy manipulation, senseless comping, lazy cloning and thoughtless retouching are our bread and butter. And yes, deep down, we love Photoshop.


Although I am hopeless at replying to email, be assured that each and every tip is followed up.

Photoshop DisastersPhotoshop Disasters
Have you seen a truly awful piece of Photoshop work? Clumsy manipulation, senseless comping, lazy cloning and thoughtless retouching are our bread and butter. And yes, deep down, we love Photoshop. If it is commercial and awful then please let us know! Anonymity can be arranged for the easily embarrassed/canned.
Posterwire.com is a movie poster weblog. From images of the latest Hollywood one-sheets to vintage movie posters, this film poster weblog hopes to offer a bit of insight into film key art.
Reading MattersReading Matters
Reading Matters is edited by me, Kim Forrester (aka kimbofo), a self-confessed book addict, magazine journalist/editor and blogger. I am an expat Australian and have lived in London, UK, since 1998. I reside with my long-term partner, an Irishman called T, in a pokey flat in which there is never enough room to store all my books!

Red, Green, and Blue - Environmental Politics from Across the SpectrumRed, Green, and Blue - Environmental Politics from Across the Spectrum
Red, Green and Blue brings together voices from across the political and ideological spectrums to discuss and debate critical environmental issues and current events.
Roger EbertRoger Ebert

Welcome to the new RogerEbert.com, the world’s preeminent destination for movie criticism, commentary and community. It is with a mix of great sadness and genuine excitement that we bring you this new site, the product of a two-year collaboration between Ebert Digital, run by Roger Ebert, Chaz Ebert and Josh Golden, and web development partner Table XI. Roger was an innovator in so many ways. From democratizing movie criticism and bringing it to a more mainstream audience, to publishing his reviews to Compuserve at the dawn of the Internet, Roger was always pushing the envelope. It was a great challenge to develop a product that would meet his exacting standards, but he loved the site when he last saw it, and we’ll do our best to continue to develop something he’d be proud of.
Over the coming months, we’ll add content and features to the site, including an enhanced version of Roger’s fan club, the Ebert Club, integrated mobile apps, and broader inclusion of video on the site. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy this collection of more than four decades’ worth of content written by Roger and his handpicked team of collaborators, searchable and explorable like never before.

Rotten TomatoesRotten Tomatoes

According to its writers, The Ultimate Movie Reaction Site! A blog all about cinema and movies with movie trailers, movie reviews and all new movie previews.

An almost dark cat!
Sanctuary for the abusedSanctuary for the abused
Articles, clickable links & resources for victims & survivors. Dealing with verbal, psychological & emotional abuse and personality disorders.
Sarah Beetson Art and IllustrationSarah Beetson Art and Illustration
Sarah Beetson Artist and Illustrator, Art and Illustration Exhibition Blog.
Sex at OxbridgeSex at Oxbridge
Female Oxbridge student with nsa ... except for that whole degree string. That's becoming a bit of an ol' ball and chain really.
Sharing LearningSharing Learning
This is a blog where you can find and share ideas, tips, resources and worksheets about ESL teaching. I hope it is useful for you!
A Greek blog that watches, music, TV, life and …talks carefully!
The Bicycle Site BlogThe Bicycle Site Blog
As the author says: Mostly sane ramblings about cycling
The Blog of Prof. CzinkotaThe Blog of Prof. Czinkota

Professor Czinkota created this blog in the fall of 2009 to serve the dissemination and discussion of his research and thoughts on International Business.  The content ranges from thought provoking cartoons (the Daily Iconoclast), journal articles, video interview segments called Thoughts on International Business, Marketing, and Strategy, book excerpts, and discussion pieces. Just in case you appear on the jeopardy show, there are also occasional international trivia questions for your exploration.

the Dry Bones Blogthe Dry Bones Blog
monday through friday - the stories behind the cartoons
"new cartoons" every monday, wednesday, and friday
"golden oldies" every tuesday and thursday
The Itty Bitty kitty committeeThe Itty Bitty kitty committee

We're always on the hunt for good people in the Seattle/Tacoma area to adopt our fosters. If you are thinking about adding a kitten or two to your life, drop us a line and tell us a little bit about yourself. We'll let you know when we're ready to set appointments for meet and greets.

The Moderate VoiceThe Moderate Voice
A political independent and moderate's irreverent comments, analysis and links on important stories in the news. Written by veteran journalist Joe Gandelman who is also an entertainer. A Wizbang 2004 weblog award winner. Extensive categorized blogroll.
The Observation DeckThe Observation Deck
Illegitimis Nil Carborundum.
The South African Insider to the FIFA 2010 WORLD CUPThe South African Insider to the FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP

Everything you need to know about the South Africa FIFA 2010 World Cup, from inside South Africa for fans coming to South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Information on events, news and information about visiting South Africa for the World Cup.

Think ArchitectThink Architect

I am an architect seeking to reach out to the community and have a conversation about architects and architecture. I feel the best way to educate people about architects is to talk about it in a simple frank manner, like I am having a conversation. Architects tend to think about things differently than most people. What we are passionate about or what we notice is often unique to ourselves. The way we work and approach problems in partially rooted in our education, but I believe more in our personalities. Therefore, we are often misunderstood. My goal is to share my thoughts and invite the thoughts of my fellow architects to explore and share how architects think. Maybe it will help one more person value architecture and perhaps appreciate architects better. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to hire one for your project.

I have generally posted four to six times a month. Topics range from my observations, things to ponder about architecture or something specific I am attempting to teach. Every post asks questions and invites readers to share their opinions, thoughts and comments. I usually share my strong opinions and the basis for them, but I also believe we can all learn from each other. If you enjoy what you read, please share it with others through your favourite social media. To describe myself, I am an architect, adjunct professor, husband, dad, follower of Christ, photographer and deep thinker.

Tiny little dotsTiny little dots
Tiny little dots, a semi-daily, art, design, music, media, social, political, experimental, web log.
Top ten Christmas BlogTop ten Christmas Blog
According to the blog’s creator: Hi! My name is Heather.  Welcome to my Top 10 Christmas site. I want this to be a site that you keep coming back to.  A site that gives you great information for everything Christmas, a site that you like to just check out while you have a few minutes, and you need a coffee break, a site that you tell you friends about. One of the main themes is the “Top Ten Christmas”.  My hope is that it will give you ideas and information that you can use.  Stumped for a gift – check out the lists, hopefully you will find the perfect gift!

Twenty four bitTwenty four bit

Well informed, contemporary music and a lot of videos.



Universe todayUniverse today

A blog with space and astronomy news.

Vent is a space where I can vocalize about my own personal observations of life. It’s primarily a humor blog, however since I have many interests I vent about a variety of things. I’ve had about a million occupations in my life, so if you stick around you’ll most likely hear about them.
Since I was born with the soul of an actor, most of what I share with you will have a dramatic flair. I’ve been known to use four letter words and talk about bodily functions such as pooping, peeing, and farting. So, if any of those things offend you, you may wish to read elsewhere.
I thoroughly enjoy answering comments and interacting with my readers. Vent is a place to sometimes bitch, yet at the same time finding the humor. Please feel free to browse through some of my Favorite Past Takes to get a feel of what Vent is all about.

Vinography began on January 15th, 2004 as a personal project for founder and editor Alder Yarrow. The site is now a respected source for non-mainstream wine writing, and one of the most influential wine blogs on the Internet. Featuring wine and sake reviews, restaurant reviews, editorials, book reviews, wine news, and wine event coverage, Vinography publishes new content daily to a global readership. The site's contributors work hard to create an alternative to the traditional sources and styles of wine journalism, partially through its emphasis on the stories, the people, and the passion behind wine, all told from a decidedly down-to-earth perspective.
WriteAntiques is a not for profit labour of love for people who collect and appreciate antiques and works of art, wherever they might be in the world. If you appreciate the past and and want to learn more about our heritage; if you enjoy going to auction sales, antiques fairs and car boot sales and buying, selling and investing in antiques, then WriteAntiques should be among your bookmarked sites.
He's a Swiss-French/English mountain biking illustrator who is offering a teasing illustration to draw your attention to his full online portfolio: http://www.xtofvisuals.com
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