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Politics Contemporary politics, world finance, business and global commentaries appear in the main Ovi section.

 Trump stole the election from himselfTrump stole the election from himself by George Cassidy Payne
From a political perspective, Donald Trump's behavior is utterly nonsensical. But when viewed through the lens of philosophy and psychology (which happens to be my particular academic training), his actions are not all that...
 Not Adding Up: Australia, Iran and the Release of Kylie Moore-GilbertNot Adding Up: Australia, Iran and the Release of Kylie Moore-Gilbert by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Australia's ambassadorial offices and political leaders have a consistent record of ignoring their citizens in tight situations. David Hicks, Mamdouh Habib and Julian Assange are but a few names that come to mind...
 The hate that harms The hate that harms by Thanos Kalamidas
How the Greek Conservative party, New Democracy and its former leader, Antonis Samaras and his present leader and PM KyriaKoulis Mitsotakis have fed division and hate in Greece; all in Greek.
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 Keeping the Empire Running: Britain's Global Military FootprintKeeping the Empire Running: Britain's Global Military Footprint by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
A few nostalgic types still believe that the Union Jack continues to flutter to sighs and reverence over outposts of the world, from the tropics to the desert. They would be right, if only to a point.
 Trump's planned randomness   Trump's planned randomness by Thanos Kalamidas
In politics and despite to what we see in the surface even from a sociopath like Donald Trump, there is always a plan, a strategy. Things don't happen randomly even though luck and calamities occasionally have a part to play.
 Dim Halos: Suppressing the Cult of Pope John Paul IIDim Halos: Suppressing the Cult of Pope John Paul II by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
As chief conductor of the saint factory, Pope John Paul II was always going to be, in time, canonised. Almost 500 saints were created under his watch. The previous 600 years had seen 300. But declaring him a saint in 2014...
 Skewed Responsibility: Australian War Crimes in AfghanistanSkewed Responsibility: Australian War Crimes in Afghanistan by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force Afghanistan Inquiry was always going to make for a gruesome read -and that was only the redacted version. The findings of the four-year investigation, led by...
 Why Malaysia's Monarchy is Set to StayWhy Malaysia's Monarchy is Set to Stay by Murray Hunter
When Malaysia's Yang di-Pertuan Agong, or king Al-Sultan Abdullah Al-Haj rejected Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's request to declare a state of emergency on October 25, many sections of Malaysia cheered him on.
 Myanmar: Fair Elections But Challenges AheadMyanmar: Fair Elections But Challenges Ahead by Rene Wadlow
The 8 November 2020 elections for the two houses of the Myanmar Parliament were carried out with little violence. The National League for Democracy (NLD) headed by Aung San Suu Kyi won some 80 percent of the open seats.
 It is time for Greece to leave NATO, since it fails to secure its interestsIt is time for Greece to leave NATO, since it fails to secure its interests by Christos Mouzeviris
As the EU has postponed to make any decision on Turkey's aggression towards two of its members, Greece and Cyprus, until later this year, it is evident that coming into an agreement won't be easy.
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