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Politics Contemporary politics, world finance, business and global commentaries appear in the main Ovi section.

 Covid-19 Likely to Accelerate a Business Environment RevolutionCovid-19 Likely to Accelerate a Business Environment Revolution by Murray Hunter
Although previous virus outbreaks have disrupted the world, Covid-19 is unprecedented, in a short space of time completely rearranging the focus of government, rupturing national economies, hindering world trade...
 Jewish Capitalists, Jewish CommunistsJewish Capitalists, Jewish Communists by Joseph Gatt
A lot of my friends tell me that the Jews "invented" capitalism, and "invented" communism, in a "divide and conquer" kind of strategy to better rule the world.
 God and the PandemicGod and the Pandemic by George Cassidy Payne
Something which always gets on my nerves is when religious people turn natural events such as earthquakes, floods, and infectious diseases into divine acts of mercy and judgement. The arrogance! Who among us knows the will of God?
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 Dangerous Gifts: Coronavirus and Trump's Sanctions RegimeDangerous Gifts: Coronavirus and Trump's Sanctions Regime by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The global effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic has been one of stutters and staggers. There are go-it-alone instances of severity, and cases of blase indifference.
 What do the Palestinians want?What do the Palestinians want? by Joseph Gatt
I've had chats with Palestinians. Their names are Salaheddine, who works as an Arabic-English-Persian translator. Or Sirine, a 39 year-old woman, who studied engineering, dreams of setting up robots or a startup...
 The changing nature of Thailand's deep south insurgencyThe changing nature of Thailand's deep south insurgency by Murray Hunter
Thailand's three southern provinces Patani, Yala, and Narathiwat have faced a bloody and violent local insurgency over the last two decades. Since 2002, ethnic Patani Malays have been fighting to preserve...
 Barbaric Decisions: Coronavirus, Refusing Bail and Julian AssangeBarbaric Decisions: Coronavirus, Refusing Bail and Julian Assange by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Social distancing is not a word that seems to have reached certain parts of the British legal system. Granted, it is an odd one, best refashioned as an anti-social act for the sake of preservation.
 Tony BennTony Benn by The Ovi Team
Anthony Neil Wedgwood 'Tony' Benn was born on April 3, 1925 in London to William Wedgwood Benn who was the first Viscount of Stansgate. His father was a Liberal member of the Parliament but joined the Labour Party later.
 Goodbye GabbardGoodbye Gabbard by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The Democratic establishment is deriving some delusionary cheer from it. The line of candidates for the presidential nomination has thinned, many falling out and proceeding, suicidally, to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden.
 An Inglorious Opportunity: Coronavirus and Emergency PowersAn Inglorious Opportunity: Coronavirus and Emergency Powers by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
There has been a hurried spate of cancellations and suspensions of elections across the globe because of the risk posed by COVID-19. The trend is unsurprising. In the age of post-democratic process...
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