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Download the monthly PDF magazine from here, which contains original articles and other material.
ArsOvi No11Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No11
Published: 2017-12-19 (4.19MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
10ο Τεύχος - Δεκέμβριος 2017
Θέμα: Χριστουγεννιάτικες Ιστορίες

ArsOvi No10Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No10
Published: 2017-10-28 (3.56MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
10ο Τεύχος - Οκτώβριος - Νοέμβριος 2017
Θέμα: Ιστορικό Μυθιστόρημα

ArsOvi No9Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No9
Published: 2017-09-01 (3.79MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
9ο Τεύχος - Σεπτέμβριος 2017
Θέμα: Παιδικό Βιβλίο

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ArsOvi No8Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No8
Published: 2017-08-01 (3.42MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
8ο Τεύχος - Αύγουστος 2017
Θέμα: Καλοκαιρινές Αναμνήσεις

ArsOvi No7Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No7
Published: 2017-07-01 (3.05MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
7ο Τεύχος - Ιούλιος 2017
Θέμα: Καλοκαιρινά Βιβλία

ArsOvi No6Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No6
Published: 2017-06-01 (3.46MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
6ο Τεύχος - Ιούνιος 2017
Θέμα: Λογοκρισία & Αυτολογοκρισία

ArsOvi No5Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No5
Published: 2017-05-01 (3.04MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
5ο Τεύχος - Μάϊος 2017
Θέμα: Βιβλίο & κινηματογράφος

ArsOvi No4Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No4
Published: 2017-04-01 (2.59MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
4ο Τεύχος - Απρίλιος 2017
Θέμα: Μεταφράσεις

ArsOvi No3Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No3
Published: 2017-03-01 (3.27MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης
3ο Τεύχος - Μάρτιος 2017

ArsOvi No2Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No2
Published: 2017-02-01 (2.17MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης

ArsOvi No1Ovi PDF DownloadArsOvi No1
Published: 2017-01-01 (2.32MB)

Ψηφιακό περιοδικό, λόγου & τέχνης

The Route of Truce 2016Ovi PDF DownloadThe Route of Truce 2016
Published: 2016-09-05 (9.91MB)

The Route of Truce 2016
Στον τόπο όπου γεννήθηκαν οι Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες, γεννήθηκε και η Εκεχειρία ως προαπαιτούμενο για τη συμμετοχή στους Αγώνες. Εκεί όπου οι αθλητές άφηναν τα όπλα τους για να αγωνισθούν, εκεί όπου ο καθένας όταν έφθανε για να αγωνισθεί τον αγώνα τον καλό, είχε ήδη κάνει τον δικό του δρόμο Εκεχειρίας από τον τόπο του μέχρι την Ήλιδα, εκεί όπου παραδίδοντας τα όπλα τους και συνεχίζοντας άοπλοι, συμμετείχαν στον αγώνα της ευγενούς άμιλλας, στέλνοντας ένα μοναδικό μήνυμα.

Issue #27: SpiritualityOvi PDF DownloadIssue #27: Spirituality
Published: 2015-05-02 (9.72MB)

A thematic Ovi issue dedicated to spirituality with a series of diverse articles.

Issue #26: WWI - 100 yearsOvi PDF DownloadIssue #26: WWI - 100 years
Published: 2014-07-28 (9.28MB)

2014 marks 100 years from the beginning of the World War I. A war that changed humanity for the best or the worst.

Issue #25: BridgesOvi PDF DownloadIssue #25: Bridges
Published: 2014-07-01 (15.45MB)

Issue #24: NationalismOvi PDF DownloadIssue #24: Nationalism
Published: 2013-01-31 (10.25MB)

In this thematic issue of the Ovi magazine we are not giving answers about “nationalism.” We simply express opinions. We also start a dialogue with only aim to understand better.
Issue #23 'Europe from its foundations to the 21st century'Ovi PDF DownloadIssue #23 'Europe from its foundations to the 21st century'
Published: 2012-07-02 (6.63MB)

Choosing ‘Europe from its foundations to the 21st century’ for our thematic issue we were aware for the timing wit the recession and the euro-zone crisis hitting hard the EU. Still we thought that this might be a good idea reminding everybody what is beyond this crisis and how much more a united Europe is.

The Moon IssueOvi PDF DownloadThe Moon Issue
Published: 2009-07-20 (1.44MB)

Issue #22: DrugsOvi PDF DownloadIssue #22: Drugs
Published: 2009-06-26 (6.31MB)

When choosing ‘drugs’ for our thematic issue we were very aware for the controversy it could cause – starting
from its multiple meanings of the word... read just how our writers responded.
Issue #21: MEOvi PDF DownloadIssue #21: ME
Published: 2008-05-14 (7.26MB)

Me, myself and I, or perhaps it is the ego and super-ego that inspires, but the Ovi team of contributors have pulled together to give you the 21st theme issue: ME.
Issue #20: Art in PoliticsOvi PDF DownloadIssue #20: Art in Politics
Published: 2007-12-20 (3.95MB)

Art and politics. A schizophrenic relationship. They cannot live together, while they cannot live apart. We have often mixed art, culture and politics in Ovi, even the cartoons sometimes show this schizophrenic relationship. We think we did our best to offer you, in many ways, including artistic, our opinions and interpretations.
Issue #19: MediaOvi PDF DownloadIssue #19: Media
Published: 2007-04-09 (8.54MB)

The Ovi team have discovered just how far that subject goes. It covers everything from movies to press, magazines to television, internet to the paperboy earning a few pounds each morning.
Issue #18: Two years Ovi magazineOvi PDF DownloadIssue #18: Two years Ovi magazine
Published: 2006-12-20 (8.30MB)

December 20th marks the second birthday of Ovi magazine. Two years old; can you believe it! Thanos and Asa certainly can’t, which is why they have produced this birthday issue PDF.
Contained within these pages are all the covers and all the cover stories from our seventeen monthly issues of the Ovi magazine beginning back in December 2004. This PDF is a stroll down memory lane, glimpses of the past, slices of nostalgia, well you get the picture.
Issue #17: Blogs, Bloggers and BloggingOvi PDF DownloadIssue #17: Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging
Published: 2006-11-08 (5.86MB)

The free monthly PDF magazine has finally returned! Not only are we back, but our free downloadable magazine has a stylish new design and fresh layout. The PDF is the alternative to our daily website, but it still has that twist of Ovi orange that you all love. The theme this month is 'Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging', so download your free copy now because it is packed with original unpublished material, including both articles and cartoons.
Issue #16: CopycatOvi PDF DownloadIssue #16: Copycat
Published: 2006-07-01 (2.34MB)

Issue #15: BoundariesOvi PDF DownloadIssue #15: Boundaries
Published: 2006-06-01 (2.73MB)

Issue #14: PromisesOvi PDF DownloadIssue #14: Promises
Published: 2006-05-01 (0.00MB)

Issue #13: RadioOvi PDF DownloadIssue #13: Radio
Published: 2006-04-01 (2.66MB)

Issue #12: SexualityOvi PDF DownloadIssue #12: Sexuality
Published: 2006-03-01 (2.44MB)

Issue #11: ComputersOvi PDF DownloadIssue #11: Computers
Published: 2006-01-06 (1.45MB)

Issue #10: TimeOvi PDF DownloadIssue #10: Time
Published: 2005-12-01 (2.11MB)

Issue #9: ReligionOvi PDF DownloadIssue #9: Religion
Published: 2005-10-01 (2.39MB)

Issue #8: FoodOvi PDF DownloadIssue #8: Food
Published: 2005-09-01 (2.02MB)

Issue #7: LuckOvi PDF DownloadIssue #7: Luck
Published: 2005-08-01 (1.83MB)

Issue #6: ParenthoodOvi PDF DownloadIssue #6: Parenthood
Published: 2005-06-01 (0.00MB)

Issue #5: GraduationOvi PDF DownloadIssue #5: Graduation
Published: 2005-05-01 (1.10MB)

Issue #4: CrimeOvi PDF DownloadIssue #4: Crime
Published: 2005-04-01 (2.22MB)

Issue #3: Women's PowerOvi PDF DownloadIssue #3: Women's Power
Published: 2005-03-01 (1.82MB)

Issue #2: RacismOvi PDF DownloadIssue #2: Racism
Published: 2005-02-01 (1.50MB)

Issue #1: Three Men & a DeadlineOvi PDF DownloadIssue #1: Three Men & a Deadline
Published: 2004-12-20 (0.47MB)

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