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Zulfikar Shariff

Zulfikar Shariff

Zulfikar Shariff, spent years working in sales and marketing before realising that he preferred talking to selling.  So he went into education. He writes on Islam, politics and international relations. He writes at fitrahmedia.com

 The Singapore PAP's alternative media - Shut down dissent and building their ownThe Singapore PAP's alternative media - Shut down dissent and building their own by Zulfikar Shariff
I remember when there was no Internet in Singapore.  When for most of us, all the information and all the news we received were from the government owned TV, government owned radio and government owned newspapers.
 The reality of Singapore's Chinese privilegeThe reality of Singapore's Chinese privilege by Zulfikar Shariff
During his National Day Rally on 29th August 2021, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took the opportunity to 
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