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Yerevan Adham

Yerevan Adham

I'm a student from Iraqi Kurdistan. I am studying Government and international relations in the University of Texas. I started translation in Iraq before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, covering the war and later in late-2005 I started working for the US' NPR as a stringer and in 2006 for the New York Times. I have worked for many foreign media agencies as a translator since 2003 to July 2007, including BBC, National Geographic, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News and Boston Globe. I am one of the seven Iraqis (only Kurd) who recieved a full scholarship in the USA to study awarded by International institute of Education.
 The Kurdish-American honeymoon has ended by Yerevan Adham
When I woke up and checked the news on Dec 16th, I realized that Turkey had bombed Iraqi Kurdistan. I became very sad and disappointed because of what we did by supporting the US from the first moment of their mission in Iraq until now.
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