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Yacov I. Claude

Yacov I. Claude

Peace Lines was born in the summer of 1993, from the international convoy Mir Sada (Peace Now) trying to interrupt the war in Bosnia. 2000 in Split (Poles, Americans, Italians, Greeks, French and Dutch people, Spaniards, Swedes, Buddhist monks...), we were only a thousand left at the Prozor lake (120 vehicles), and around sixty to make it, from Gornji-Vakuf to starving Sarajevo, cut off from the world for fifteen months then. How to accept the famine in Sarajevo besieged by the Serbs, in Novi-Travnik, besieged by the Muslims, in Mostar besieged by the Croats ?
 Trouble rising in the West Bank by Yacov I. Claude
 Gimme shelter by Yacov I. Claude
 They even arrest Peace Nobels now, don't they? by Yacov I. Claude
No, this is not about Shirin Ebadi, in Tehran. Neither is it about the Dalai Lama, President Carter, or Archbishop Tutu. This time, after Aung San Suu Kyi, detained in Burma by the military, it has been Irish Peace Nobel Mairead Maguire, 65, detai
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 Gaza: A two-year siege by Yacov I. Claude
One more murderous clash on the Gaza border, this past Monday, reminding us how explosive the situation remains there. 4 killed, 12 wounded among the Palestinians, no losses on the Israeli side. Inside the Strip, out of a list of 4,000 « auth
 In the name of The European convention of human rights by Yacov I. Claude
 Gaza: Immediate & Final Cease-Fire! by Yacov I. Claude
What should we wait for? A thousand killed? We're almost there. Ten thousand wounded? Obama's speech on January 20th? « The acts of Hamas cannot justify Israel's cruel war against Palestinian civilians
 Gaza, Mediterranea - 3 week cease-fire - open the doors! by Yacov I. Claude
Gaza, besieged for more than a year now, is 1,300 km from Athens as the crow flies, 2,300 km from Rome, and 3,000 km from Algiers and the South of France. Can this distance from Western capitals be what accounts for the confounding silence of the
 Give Annapolis a Chance by Yacov I. Claude
Whatever promising speeches and wishful exchanges will have been put forth in Annapolis, if confidence is to be gradually rebuilt between the conflicting sides, unconditional measures must urgently be taken:
 Nasser Al Shaer freed! Free the Palestinian Congressmen! by Yacov I. Claude
After the liberation of reporter Alan Johnston, detained for four months in Gaza by a Jihadist movement, and the Minister of Education, Nasser Al Shaer, detained for 54 days in Israel without mandate, we can all perceive the deeply subhuman, in
 Peace Lines by Yacov I. Claude
On June 24th, 5,000 cyclists joined in a 28-km ride in Northern Israel, to the Lebanese border and back, demonstrating their solidarity with Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit, detained in Gaza, for a year now, and Israel
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